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The Mistress of Magic slot machine is one of the latest slots to hit the casino floor. The game is developed by Aristocrat and features two different themes, although each sticks with the mystical and magical. In each game there is a different central character – Mistress Jade and Mistress Scarlet, giving each of the two slots its own distinctive feel.

There are only slight differences between the two games, the main ones being the different theme and color scheme while the gameplay remains essentially the same. The games aren’t the most complicated on the casino floor, but with 5 progressive jackpots available in each, you are guaranteed excitement alongside the visual treat that is Mistress of Magic.

How the Mistress of Magic Slot Works

Each Mistress of Magic game features five reels, with four symbols on show at each of the reels. Surprisingly perhaps for a game with this slightly oversized reel setup, there are only 10 win lines, although this will mean more spins for your money.

The two different themes are as follows:

Mistress Jade slot machine – This game is overlooked by the beautiful green haired Mistress Jade, who looks out from both the reels and from the cabinet above. She appears to be a warrior of some kind, with metallic green armor – although this armor is a little more revealing than you might normally find someone heading to war wearing! In this version of the game the reels are backed with green bricked walls holding flaming torches, while greenery fills much of the screen behind the reels. Mistress Jade weaves her magic using natural remedies.

Mistress Scarlett slot machine – As you might imagine, Mistress Scarlet is bedecked in the dark red color, looking almost like a bewitching version of little red riding hood. The character has more than a passing resemblance to the actress Scarlett Johansson and has more of the wizard about her, as she uses books and potions to cast her spells. The opening image of the character shows her standing in front of a stained-glass window, the light glowing through the window almost adding a halo effect, giving her a holy air.

Both Mistress Jade and Mistress Scarlet are stacked on the reels and if you do manage to fill a reel with either of the ladies, the whole reel will now show a much larger single image. This is at its most striking when you land multiple reels with this stacked symbol. Not only is the visual fantastic, but it will almost certainly mean a big win is also winging its way towards your bankroll.

Aside from the central characters of each slot, on the reels players will find a range of different colored gems, while both an owl and a unicorn are the most eye catching of the other symbols. A wild symbol which shows the letters ‘MM’ will substitute for every other symbol on the reels apart from the jackpot and the scatter symbol.

During the base game you have the choice of activating between 1 and 5 gold reels, although playing all 5 gold reels is certainly preferable, despite the additional cost of each spin. This is because playing all 5 will open up all the jackpot opportunities, as well as enable the opportunity of multipliers being attached to the wild symbols and the chance to win additional free games.

Mistress of Magic Slot Jackpots

At each of the two games there are a total of five Jackpots available. The smallest of the five is the mini jackpot which is seeded at just $2, while the minor jackpot is double that at $4. The middle jackpot of the five is the maxi, with a minimum pay out of $20 and the major jackpot comes next, seeded at $100. The largest win at this Aristocrat designed slot is the grand jackpot, which pays out at least $500.

As is the case with many jackpot slots, they can be higher variance games. This means that wins at either of two Mistress of Magic slots can be slightly harder to come by than usual, but when they do they will be on the larger side, especially of course if you can manage to land the $500 (plus) jackpot.

Mistress of Magic Overview

Aristocrat has come up with a very interesting concept for the Mistress of Magic slot machine games. Yes, the gameplay of the two games is similar, but the two contrasting themes really make for an enjoyable game. Progressive jackpots are always a winner too and here you’ve got five to play for. The jackpot amounts aren’t the largest on the casino floor, but this makes them all the more achievable and many players will strive to win the largest of the five. The highlight of the Mistress of Magic games are the stunning visuals and both Mistress Jade and Mistress Scarlett will grab your attention from any part of the casino floor.

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