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The male stripper based movie Magic Mike was released in 2012 and was an instant hit, grossing over $160 million worldwide, all of this for a film with a budget of just $7 million. It was no surprise then that a sequel was planned and in 2015 Magic Mike XXL appeared. The film didn’t quite match up to the original at the box office, although it did still manage to top $120 million.

Slot fans will be delighted to know that the sequel also spawned this entertaining land based slot machine Magic Mike XXL, where all of the main characters from the movie are featured prominently.  Just like the movie, they are in a permanent state of undress.

How the Magic Mike XXL Slot Works

The Magic Mike XXL slot is housed in the Oasis 360 cabinet, the most popular and familiar cabinet found at casinos across the US. The game has 5 reels in total, although each of these reels is slightly taller than usual, as you’ll find four symbols on each when the reels come to a stop. The game is based around 5 characters from the movie – Ken, Tito, Ritchie, Tarzan and Magic Mike himself. Each of these symbols is four high, so occasionally will take up an entire reel. If you manage to link up these four high symbols next to each other on consecutive reels from left to right, you’ll find many of the win lines paying out at once, making for oversized wins. Alongside these stacked symbols, you’ll find the standard Aristocrat playing cards through 10, J, Q, K and A.

The wild symbol isn’t the most exciting you’ll find on the casino floor – it’s simply the word ‘wild’ in pink on a blue background. However, this won’t matter when it substitutes for another symbol giving you those additional wins.

During the base game, there are times when you get many additional wilds too. If between spins you see a video clip of the five dancers, you’ll know the next spin could be a big one. This is because every time you land one of the five dancers on the reels, they will be wild. When you consider that these dancers are stacked four high, you might find the reels literally packed with wilds. Some of your biggest wins at the game will come along during these spins.

Magic Mike XXL Showtime and Picks Bonus Features

There are two bonus features available during the game.

The first of these is the ‘Showtime’ bonus activated by the scatter symbol of the same name. If you manage to land this, you’ll find yourself with at least 8 free spins. This plays out in the same way as the randomly added wilds, as each of the dancers are wild here too. However, with your 8 or more free spins, the chances of being a big winner go up considerably.

The other feature is the Magic Mike slots bonus. Hitting the three Magic Mike scatters sees you taken to another screen featuring a 5×3 grid. This is a pick round where you’ll have 5 picks. You’ll hit either an instant credit win, or one of the dancers. The dancer will either add a multiplier to the current win amount, or give you additional picks.

Magic Mike XXL Slot Machine Design and Gameplay

Magic Mike XXL is a striking slot which will obviously appeal to those who enjoy repeatedly seeing half naked men appear on the reels! Throughout the game, you’ll see some brilliant visual clips from the movie too. The smaller cabinet size in comparison to other movie or TV based slots means the game isn’t as expansive as some other land based casino slots, though this game does make full use of its resources. The only downside is the proliferation of playing card symbols which can dominate the reels at times.

Settings at the game include a volume button – for the full sound track experience you’ll want to set this as high as possible. There is also a quick play option, where you’ll see many more spins per hour than usual, this being a great option for those action junkies out there.

Make Mike XXL Overview

This Aristocrat designed slot machine is a lot of fun. The large stacked symbols are not just eye-catching, as they can offer some huge wins too, especially during the Showtime bonus and the randomly added wild feature. This game doesn’t go as far as some other slots on the casino floor where you might find more and larger bonus features, but the slot will certainly appeal to all of those who enjoyed either of the two movies, and those who enjoy the bachelorette party type atmosphere!

About Magic Mike XXL

In the original movie ‘Magic Mike’ the plot revolves around the central character of Magic Mike himself, a male stripper who has been in the industry for six years (played by Channing Tatum). However, in Magic Mike XXL the film starts with Mike running his own furniture business after abandoning his life as a stripper three years earlier.

Mike receives a call from his former team ‘The Kings of Tampa’ who inform him that his former boss Dallas is ‘gone’. Believing he is dead Mike travels to meet them, but finds out that he has simply left and started his own show. He then finds out that the team want to end their stripping career on a high by heading to Myrtle Beach and entering a stripping convention – which after many trials and tribulations they eventually do.

The film had a mixed response with the critics, receiving an average 5.8/10 rating on the Rotten Tomatoes website. One highpoint for the movie was the success of the soundtrack however, which reached number one on the US Billboard Soundtrack chart – the album including ‘I Want It That Way’ by the Backstreet Boys which was used for an impromptu dance routine in the movie.

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