Let’s Make a Deal Slots from Aristocrat

Game show slots are popular in casinos across the country, and Aristocrat’s high octane Let’s Make a Deal game is a great example of how TV shows can become entertaining and interactive slot games. This game is hosted by the current show host Wayne Brady, rather than the original Monty Hall. There are 8 different bonus games, and plenty going on in the base game too.

The music is straight out of the show and this slot will put you in the position of a ‘trader’ from the TV. As if the entertainment and bonus games alone were not enough, you’ll also get the chance of winning a huge progressive jackpot. The top prize can be as big as $250,000.

How to Trade Up to Big Wins on the Let’s Make a Deal Slot

With so much going on in terms of features and jackpots, you might be distracted from the core gaming. This is a 5 reel video slot with 4 rows of symbols, and lining them up will pay prizes just like on regular slots. There are stacked symbols, and double sized ones (in the form of your host Wayne Brady).

You’ll find the individual wins are on the smaller side, with the bigger prizes coming by lining up several wins in the same spin (this is a common feature of live slot games from Aristocrat). If there was ever any doubt about who made this slot, then the playing card symbols (complete with crowns) will assure you that this is an Aristocrat title.

Bonuses are triggered by special scatter symbols. There are two different types. Quick deal and Money Box mini-features can be triggered with their own symbols. To reach the free spins games and the jackpot feature you’ll need to hit 3+ of the ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ logos.

Let’s Make a Deal Bonus Games

When you hit 3 of the logos the first thing you will see are the 3 doors that fans of the show will be familiar with. This time there is no ‘Zonk’ behind any of them. Instead you will find 3 of the 5 possible bonus features. Your task is to wait for the screen to scan across the doors and for all 3 to be visible at the same time, and then to tap on one of them to select your bonus.

What you ideally want to see is the ‘Big Deal’ progressive jackpot game. This takes full advantage of the tall cabinet and gives you the appearance of being inside a giant spinning wheel. You’ll swipe the screen to start this spinning and see colored segments go past some central arrows. Some of the prizes are small (think 1000 coins to 5000) some larger and others feature one of the 4 progressive jackpot amounts ranging from the mini to the biggest of all – which is the one which can reach $250,000. If you do hit one of the jackpots, you’ll get another spin of the reel to try and trigger another.

Another progressive feature which caught my eye is the ‘Smash for Cash’ game. Here you will see a screen with 10 pink piggy banks on the bottom part of the cabinet, and a meter reaching up to a large prize on the top part. The pigs are all animated, and dance around. You touch them, which brings a big hammer down to smash each one. You reveal either a number of steps to move up the ladder, or a Zonk – which ends the game. As you hit cash prizes on the ladder you’ll be offered a deal to collect them, or hit more pigs to try and improve. If you continue and smash a pig with the Zonk behind it, then you will only get half of your current total win.

Three of the bonuses are different free spins games. These have their own unique symbols and entertaining game play elements. An example is the ‘Nacho Cheese Hot Tub’ game. Here you get 10 free spins, with extra symbols on the reels (Nacho Cheese) which substitute for the top Wayne symbols. There are also symbols with X2 on them in play. These will multiply your win by 2 and also act as wilds. There is a car free spins game and a banana boat free spins game on top. Completing the bonus games is a money box game and ‘quicky deal’ game. One thing is for sure, this slot is all action.

Design of Let’s Make a Deal

This slot uses a rumble chair setup with surround sound, and has two tall screens to cover all of the action. There are plenty of clips of the show, with the crowd, host and games from the TV all appearing. Music is bold and loud, with short bursts of brass band tunes while you play. Animations and graphics are excellent, and up there with the best of what Aristocrat is producing of late.

Overall Experience

This slot holds its own against some strong competition from IGT (for example Wheel of Fortune). If you enjoy the high energy entertainment side of slot gaming, and especially if you are a fan of the show, then this game is a must play!

About Let’s Make a Deal

This show is one of the longest running game shows around, and started way back in 1963. The original host was Monty Hall, who was synonymous with the series during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Many people have hosted, with the current host Wayne Brady now at the helm (and featuring on this slot).

The format encourages a lot of audience participation, with members of the audience selected to participate in each show. In order to increase their chances of being selected, people dress up in crazy or bright costumes.

Once selected, participants become ‘traders’ and participate in a variety of entertaining games. Prizes are awarded for these working towards the ‘big deal’ section of the show. Here the traders are offered the chance to trade a known prize for the chance of a bigger one. The kicker is that they may be trading for a ‘zonk’.  This is a worthless (or at least low value) prize, for example a live goat! The gamble is that there may be a big prize such as a car or dream vacation, or there may be a zonk – the traders will not know which until they give up their current winnings.

This format has been a huge success, and has spawned many spin-offs in different languages around the world. You can still watch Let’s Make a Deal on the CBS network.

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