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Are you a fan of Greek mythology and fairy stories? If so, you’ll love the celestial beauty and divine theme of Aristocrat Gaming’s Galaxy Goddess slot game series.

The live games – rather than searching out free demos online, players can find these two slots in real-world brick-and-mortar casinos – are bright and eye-catching, which is important when you’re trying to attract attention on a crowded casino flow. The graphics are stunning, with 3D imagery that covers the triple-stacked screen and provides lots of visual interest as you play.

From star-strewn skies to glittering jewels, Galaxy Goddess is full of glistening objects waiting to transport you to another realm. Keep your eyes on the prize, though – there are lots of coins to be had, and if you get in good with the Goddesses, you might just return to Earth with a far bigger bank balance than when you left.

The biggest possible prize comes courtesy of the Galaxy Goddess progressive jackpots. There are three available: the Minor, the Major, and the Grand.

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Galaxy Goddess: Carina

There are two versions of the Galaxy Goddess slot. The first features the lovely Carina, who greets players in a haze of icy blue stardust. Her blue eyes are piercing and both her dewy skin and her brown hair seem to radiate a heavenly glow, further illuminating the shiny gold headpiece that signals her ethereal royalty.

Carina’s Galaxy Goddess slot game features 6 reels and 4 rows with 60 possible paylines. Bets start at just 1 cent. Conservative players can ante up just pennies per spin while risk-takes can play all the lines and multiply their chances for a higher payout. In addition to Carina, symbols include a few male gods, boldly hued jewels, a golden chalice, and a gold lyre.

Wins are stacked, with the surprise appearance of Carina triggering stacked wilds on the second and fifth reels of wilds as well as free games. Those free games, called the Galaxy Respin, is where the big wins often start rolling in. All line wins are multiplied 10x the original bet, and when the wilds expand to cover all of the first five reels, the possibility of massive payouts makes this game truly exciting.

You can also win free games by racking up Free Game symbols on those all-important second and fifth reels. When those columns are covered in stacked Free Games, you’ll get to choose from eight swirling galaxies that pop up on the screen. Each galaxy is hiding a random number of free spins – pick wisely, as you could win as many as 24 plays without spending a single penny.

Galaxy Goddess: Austrina

Austrina’s swirling green glow is a direct contrast to her sister Carina’s misty blue hue. A small smile plays around her lips while her green eyes seem to look directly at you as you sit down to play.

The slot screen is structured similarly to the Carina reels, with a 6 x 4 board and 60 possible paylines. Bets for Austrina also start a just a penny and the symbols are also identical except for the obvious change in the lead character.

The bonus games are where the two games diverge a bit. Austrina casts her spell using the same stacked symbols 10x win multiplier, but free games are determined by picking your favorite symbol. Austrina herself comes with the highest possible per line payout but the lowest number of free games (just 10), while the lowest paying symbol, the chalice, is stacked for a whopping 18 free games. Basically, players get to choose between fewer spins and higher possible per-spin wins or they can go for max spins and hope the overall win makes it worth it.

Of course, some people will be swayed by Austrina’s beauty or the handsome, steely stares of her companions, and that’s fine too.

Austrina also has a Galaxy Game, but there are only three galaxies to choose from and they correspond to the Minor, Major, and Grand Jackpots.

Overall Play Experience

Galaxy Goddess: Carina and its sister game Galaxy Goddess: Austrina are two sides of the same coin, but there are a few notable differences that will have many players preferring one over the other or even alternating between the two. Whether you favorite color is green or blue or if you just prefer having some control over your bonus rather than having the spins automatically divvied out, there are choices to be had. The good news is that the fun is universal. Galaxy Goddess is full of entrancing animation and vivid colors that keep players interested as they spin and try to win, and isn’t that exactly what a good slot game should do? We think so, too.

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