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Elvira, Mistress of the Dark was a comedy horror film released in 1988, with Cassandra Peterson playing the leading role of Elvira.  Elvira wasn’t the best received film by the critics at the time, even gaining a nomination for ‘Worst Picture’ at the Stinkers Bad Movies Awards. The film is certainly memorable and has gained something of a cult status. It was little surprise then that a slot machine based upon the film appeared recently.

In the film, there is much attention on Elvira’s outfit and particularly her ample cleavage and this is repeated in the slot, with much of the attention on this part of her body! If I told you two of the bonus rounds were called ‘Double D Vision Free Games’ and ‘The Breast Prize Ever’ you’ll understand the idea.

Elvira Mistress of the Dark slot machine has been developed by Aristocrat and it is one of the very latest class III offerings (an earlier slot based on Elvira was launched by IGT in the 1990’s, though this is a very different game). This game is housed in an arced double cabinet, which features two 42-inch curved LCD screens and stereo surround sound – this isn’t a slot that can be missed on the casino floor.

How Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Slot Works

The base game of Elvira slots machine is slightly different from your usual slots. First, the base game has a 6×6 configuration, which is much larger than your average slot – and many of the Elvira symbols are two high. You’ll win when symbols appear in clusters, so there’ll be no need to worry about win lines at all. For instance, if you have two matching symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 and they are all touching/connected, a win will come your way. The symbols are a good combination of images from the films, including various images of Elvira in different poses and a number of other symbols with a ‘horror’ theme, including coffins, bats and skulls.

Throughout the Elvira slot machine, you’ll find images and film clips from the movie, many of these tongue-in-cheek, with the same kind of sense of humor you will have found if playing the Austin Powers slot. For example, every time the reels stop and Elvira appears on the reels, two particular parts of her anatomy will wobble.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark – Seven Bonus Features

There are seven bonus features in all:

  • Elvira’s Growing Reels
  • Elvira’s Big Wheels
  • Boob Tube Pick Bonus
  • Double D Vision Free Games
  • Booby Prize Jackpots
  • Elvira’s Mega Symbols
  • The Breast Prize Ever

Growing Reels is one of the most enjoyable of these bonus features, where you’ll begin with the standard reels on the lower screen of the two, but after each spin the reels will grow to eventually take up both of the two screens. Between each spin, Elvira herself will appear full screen and make a suggestive comment (‘wow, what a huge win you have…’) which adds even more humor to the game. With these expanded reels, the chances of a big win are much more likely.

Elvira’s Big Wheels see two ‘Wheel of Fortune’ style wheels spinning in front of a full-size Elvira’s cleavage, the left wheel showing a winning credit amount, while the right wheel shows a multiplier. At this point your eyes will be focused on that part of Elvira’s anatomy and for added comedy Elvira even adds comments such as, “Hey, my eyes are up here!”

The ‘Boob Tube’ is an entertaining bonus round where you’ll find a series of old-fashioned television sets piled one on top of another. Each one shows a ‘cult’ TV show and then you’ll pick one of icons associated with the show. Here you’ll win credits and finding the icon with ‘advance’ will see you move to the screen above and then start again. The shows include ‘The Brain that Wouldn’t Die’ and ‘Conquer the Martians’, so people who enjoy retro TV shows will certainly enjoy this round. The one icon you’ll want to avoid is ‘collect’ which will see the feature come to an end. You won’t want to hang around playing this, as Elvira will appear and loudly exclaim “Will You Pick Something Already?”.

Elvira Slot – Summary

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is a very enjoyable and fun slot. Yes, the humor is a little 1970’s in parts, but it works perfectly and some of the comments are perfectly timed and will actually have you laughing out loud. With seven bonus features, there is more than enough to keep you entertained, while the excellent sound and visuals will keep you playing long after many other rival slots. The slot game is designed for players of all bankrolls too, with the option of playing for any amount between just 1c and $20 per spin.

More About Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Elvira, played by Cassandra Peterson, would first find fame as the hostess of ‘Elvira’s Movie Macabre’, a weekly horror movie show which was broadcast weekly in Los Angeles. She quickly gained a cult status and there were many spin-offs to the TV show, including costumes, comic books, pinball machines, dolls and perfume – her popularity never bigger than when Halloween comes around. The biggest spin-off to the TV show was the movie, ‘Elvira Mistress of the Dark’.

In the film, the character of Elvira quits her TV show after the new boss of the channel sexually harasses her, so she decides to try her luck as an opening act in Las Vegas. To do this she needs money however and ‘fortunately’ she suddenly finds out she is the beneficiary of the will of her great aunt Morgana who lives in Falwell, Massachusetts.

Elvira creates quite a stir in the conservative, Christian town – all the male teenagers falling for her, while the parents are not at all impressed. An old by-law is found where witches could still be burnt at the stake in Falwell and the plot of the film revolves around her trying to avoid this plight, falling in love, stopping her uncle ending the world using a spell in a magic cookbook and joke after joke about her cleavage!

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