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Iconic 1994 comedy movie Dumb and Dumber certainly provides some good material for creating a slot machine. Aristocrat has taken this move, housed it in an impressive cabinet with 2 big mechanical wheels – and provided plenty of clips and entertaining features too. You’ll find the iconic dog van, a bonus round in Aspen and the jackpot even ties in to Mary’s Millions. Fans of the movie, which starred Jim Carrey as Lloyd and Jeff Daniels as Harry, will love this game. Judging from the demo, I think it has plenty enough entertainment value as a stand-alone game, even if players have not seen the movie.

This review takes you through the setup and base game, the features and the multimedia design of Aristocrat’s Dumb and Dumber slot.

Dumb and Dumber Slot – Base Game Wins

The first thing you will notice about this slot is the unusual reel configuration. The first and fifth reels have 3 rows of symbols each, while the middle 3 have 4 rows. Bets are in multiples of 50c, and wins appear to come via consecutive symbols from the left regardless of position (an all-ways setup).

Some of the symbols are oversized, which means you can potentially cover a lot of the reels in the same symbol.

Your biggest prizes will come from Lloyd and Harry – these symbols can turn into wilds when it is possible to create a win. Other characters from the movie include Mary and Mental. This slot does not use the regular Aristocrat playing card symbols. Instead the smaller wins come from symbols which are items from the movie. These include hot dogs, the driver’s hat, a doggy bag and others.

The familiar dog van makes an appearance – though only on reels 1, 3 and 5. This is the bonus symbol and will appear animated. You need to hit all 3 of these to trigger the bonus game.

Random On-Reel Feature – Mustard and Ketchup

At random you will see a mustard and ketchup bottle appear over the reels. These come from the iconic scene with Mental in the movie, where they accidentally poison him. The bottles do a short dance, and then squirt individual wilds on to the reels. They then split, making covering reels 2 and 4 in mustard and ketchup – these reels become entirely wild. The reels will then spin, which can add even more wilds, giving some big win potential.

Bonus Features and Wheels

When you get 3 of the dog vans in the same spin, you’ll see a road scene from inside the van. You then get to press the screen to start the smaller / lower of the 2 mechanical reels spinning. This contains several bonus segments – as well as wins. These are Dante’s Inferno, Aspen Free Spins and Mary’s Big Wheel.

Aspen free spins takes you back to the reels for 10 free games. The background of the reels changes to wooden chalets and snow. After each spin, snowballs fly onto the reels. When these land you will get extra wilds, your wins are then calculated. These extra wilds can help get some bigger wins – you’ll also enjoy clips from the movie and quotes too.

Mary’s Big Wheel is the second mechanical wheel, high above the slot. This gives you access to one of 3 progressive jackpots, and also some bigger coin win amounts. Again, you need to press the button to spin. The jackpots where not the huge linked progressives, though the top one would still be worth hitting!

I did not see Dante’s inferno on the demo videos – the icon for this is a chili pepper, which clearly refers to another familiar (and iconic!) scene.

Design Elements in the Dumb and Dumber Slot

With so many slots going the all-electronic route, it is an interesting choice to create a slot with 2 mechanical wheels. There are two screens, with the second one showing video clip sequences sitting to the right below the second (bigger) of the reels.

The main screen is big enough to show plenty of action. The symbols and general game-play is very lively, with Lloyd changing to wilds and the bouncing dog van creating a crazy feel. The best sequences are saved for when the bonus games kick in. If you hit a big win you will see the characters handing out money, while the win total will sit in an ‘IOU’.

Overall Impression – Is Dumb and Dumber Worth Playing?

Aristocrat are fast becoming the best software house when it comes to taking movies or TV programs and creating engaging slot games from them. Dumb and Dumber will almost certainly be a hit for those who loved the movie. If you enjoy the slot, then it might work the other way around too – you’ll be searching through that old DVD collection to try and find your copy.

About Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber is already more than 20 years old, having first hit the big screen in 1994. This comedy stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Although this movie was a debut for the Farrelly Brothers, who co-wrote it with Bennett Yellin – it grossed a huge $247 million at the box office. There was some controversy with the pay for the different actors. With Carey receiving $7 million and Daniels a mere $50,000.

The slapstick plot followed two less than intelligent guys into the world of the rich and the criminal underworld. The main character Lloyd falls in love with Mary, after giving a ride in his limo. Things get out of hand when a briefcase full of cash, which Mary left in an airport terminal as ransom for her kidnapped husband, is retrieved by Lloyd. The movie then follows the adventures of Harry and Lloyd on a road trip, ending up in Aspen, Colorado.

Escaping criminals, spending all the money (replacing it with IOUs) and eventually being caught and ending up walking home make for many laugh out loud moments.

While Dumb and Dumber failed to win any major awards, it does enjoy cult status more than 20 years later.

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