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At first glance, the Diamond Storm slot machine game might appear to be a very traditional style game.On the reels you’ll find such classic symbols as the red sevens, bells, cherries and the single and double BARs.

However, there is more to this game than meets the eye. This game is two games in one, giving you the option of playing either Liberty Stripes or Flamin’ Hits.

For the purpose of this review, I will be covering the Flamin’ Hits game on the Diamond Storm console


Diamond Storm Bonus Features

The diamonds are the most important symbols in the game as they offer the opportunity for the largest wins. These are scatter symbols and can appear both on their own or stacked on the reels. You’ll earn a payout 50 credits if you can land 3 or more anywhere on the reels, but these payouts increase dramatically when you land more.  For example, landing 6 diamonds wins you an eye catching 3,000 coins, while the maximum nine diamonds win you an incredible 100,000 coins.

Another scatter symbol is the free games one, which only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. If this should appear on all 3 of these reels, the free spins bonus game will be activated. You’ll earn 10 free games during the feature, but there are two large added bonuses. Firstly, during each of these free spins you’ll see a random multiplier appear above the reels – this either 2x, 3x or 5x. Every win will now be multiplied by this amount. The other standout feature of the free spins round is the fact that extra diamonds are now added to the reels, making the large payouts more accessible.

The diamonds have their own pay table based upon which multiplier is applied to the spin. As examples, if you land 5 or more diamonds when the multiplier is 3x, you’ll take home the Jackpot, while landing the maximum nine diamonds when the multiplier is 5x will see you bag an incredible 200,000 coins as well as the Jackpot.

Design and Setup

In comparison to many of the TV or movie based slots found on the casino floor, the design of the Diamond Storm slot machine game does seem a little outdated. However, the classic symbols have a certain sense of appeal, these set against the traditional white curved reels. The only break from the norm is the fact that the red sevens are ablaze on Diamond Storm. Across the top of the reels you’ll see the occasional comment such as ‘The Reels have rolled your way’ when landing a win. The accompanying sound is exactly what you might expect from an old style slot machine too, where you’ll find the whirring of the reels and occasional beeps and buzzes when a win comes your way.

Diamond Storm slot is played on the very popular 5×3 reel configuration. There are a total of 30 win lines and each spin will cost a total of 50 credits. Being a penny slot, the minimum stake for each spin is therefore 50c.

Overall Experience

This Aristocrat designed slot machine has a few surprises. Your first impression might be that this is a very basic, almost old-fashioned game, but the diamonds on the reels change all that. Some of the payouts offered by these symbols are huge. The free spins feature is one you simply have to land too. With more diamonds added to the reels, multipliers and the fact that a jackpot payout could be yours too, this is a truly excellent feature.

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