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There are two slots in the Coyote Queen range – Coyote Queen: The Hunt, and Coyote Queen: The Prowl. Both of these slot machines have big similarities, but differ slightly in both the presentation and the bonus features available.

As you may have gathered from the name, both slots have a Native American theme, while on each you’ll also find a Grand, Major, Minor and Mini Jackpot to be won. ‘The Hunt’ is set in the winter and sees the Queen herself wrapped in wolf skin, while ‘The Prowl’ is set in the golden fall, the Queen wearing a headdress with a shining golden pendant.

How the Coyote Queen Slots Work

The base games of the two Coyote Queen slots are essentially the same, the only difference being the range of symbols on the reels. Each game features a higher than usual six reels and each of these is four high when the reels come to a stop.  Both games pay from left to right and each features a series of symbols such as wolves, cubs and fangs on the reels. Joining these theme-related symbols are the usual series of playing cards.

In each game, you’ll find many of the symbols are stacked – usually a different symbol for each spin. If you manage to line up a series of stacked symbols, you could be in for a huge payday, as a great many win lines will pay out at the same time. These stacked symbols are aided by the wild, which conveniently has the word ‘wild’ written across it. This wild will substitute for any other symbol on the reels apart from the bonus one, leading to additional wins. These wilds can be very helpful in conjunction with the stacked symbols – a single wild possibly giving you many extra pay outs.

Coyote Queen – Hunt and Prowl Bonus Features

In both games you’ll find a free games feature which is activated by landing the ‘free games’ symbol so it completely covers three reels. However, the way the bonus feature is played out is different depending on which game you play.

The Hunt Slot Machine – In this version of the game you’ll be awarded 18 free spins. This is more than you’ll find on many slots, giving you a lot of chances to accumulate some wins.

The Prowl Slot Machine – This bonus feature plays out slightly differently. At the start of the feature you’ll be given five options as to how you want to play the bonus. Each features one symbol and a number of spins. This symbol will be the super stacked one throughout the feature, so the higher paying symbol you choose, the fewer spins you’ll have. The Coyote Queen herself is the highest value symbol, so choosing this will give you just seven spins, while you could opt for the other end of the spectrum and enjoy 14 free games with the cats eyes symbol. The number of spins awarded in this version of the game is smaller than in ‘The Hunt’ but the Super Stacked symbols are all the higher paying ones, whereas in the other version, you will find all the symbols randomly super stacked, including the lower paid playing cards.

Coyote Queen – Design

In both Coyote Queen slot games, the Coyote Queen is the central character. Her image is displayed proudly above the reels, while in some casinos you’ll even find an additional screen above the main display, once again displaying an image of the queen.

‘The Hunt’ is striking due to its winter imagery, the reels mainly filled by wintery colors such as blue and silver.  The background to the reels shows a forest scene, with snow heavy on the branches of the trees, while stars sparkle in the darkening blue sky.

‘The Prowl’ has more of a golden sheen to the look of the game. Here the trees are still prominent but are met with a mountainous terrain in the background, with an orange sunset glow illuminating the scene.

One of the best aspects of both the game is the accompanying soundtrack which features Native American chanting. This has a slightly haunting feel which is perfectly fitting for the wolf-like theme of both games.

Are the Coyote Queen Slots Worth Playing?

Aristocrat have come up with the great idea here of offering two games with the same theme which play slightly differently. ‘The Hunt’ is the more basic of the two and will appeal to those who are more than happy to take a set number of spins and enjoy a lower variance game. ‘The Prowl’ has more to it, with a bonus feature where strategy comes into play. Do you take fewer spins where the wins are potentially higher, or go for more spins and those slightly smaller wins? Whichever game you play, you’ll find Coyote Queen enjoyable and very playable.

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