Cashman Fever II Slot from Aristocrat

When animations first became common on slots, the Cashman concept from Aristocrat was a popular slot game. There were several slots based on this theme, all of which shared a round yellow character in a top hat and tails on the reels. While the Cashman games still have their fans, it has been a while since the last update – and live casino slots have largely moved on. Aristocrat has now come out with 2 more Cashman slots, which combine aspects of the originals with new ideas on the gameplay.

There are two Cashman Fever II slots – one subtitled ‘Rotten Apple’ and the other ‘Hot Chocolate’. I have focused on the Hot Chocolate version in this review. Both games are very similar, with only the themes / graphics separating them.

How to Win on Cashman Fever II – Hot Chocolate

There are a lot of features included in these games, though the basic slot gameplay remains standard. In this game you need to line up the types of chocolate ranging from a chocolate bunny to a strawberry and red / white candy across the reels. I like the way that the standard Aristocrat playing cards have been designed to look like chocolates, complete with shields and crowns.

As with most live slots from Aristocrat, the bigger wins come when you hit multiple win-lines at once with the help of wilds (or expanding reels in this case), rather than from a single extra good combination.

This slot includes 4 progressive jackpots. Instead of being fixed amounts where your chances of winning are proportional to your stake, the chance of winning stays the same whether you bet 50 credits or 200. What happens is that the amount you can win at each of the 4 levels goes up the more you bet. You can trigger the jackpots in a second screen game which comes in when you hit 3+ of the ‘Cash Pot Feature’ logo symbols.

Cashman Fever II On Reel Features

One of the best parts of the original Cashman series are those times the animated Mr Cashman appears in front of the reels. In the new version he can appear above the reels or below them. When he appears above, it is with a hammer – which he uses to pound down the symbols on specific reels. This allows more symbols to come in, creating 6 rows of symbols instead of the usual 4. You’ll then receive the extra wins generated by having more win-lines.

When he appears on the bottom of the reels it is to throw some magic dust onto the reels and create either more wild symbols, or to replicate some of the symbols. When they get replicated, a symbol becomes surrounded in flames, and a lot of the other regular symbols across the reels turn into the same symbol. This can quickly create a lot of winning combinations – especially when there are wilds on the reels.

Jackpot Game

The second screen game can get you jackpot wins, though there is more to it than that. You need to hit 5 of the logo symbols across the reels to trigger it. This game goes to a long blue grid of 25 tiles, which you select from by tapping. This will reveal a cash amount, a dollar symbol, more ‘spins’ (selections) or a cash amount with no flames (which uses up a ‘spin’). Jackpots are based on how many of the flaming golden dollar symbols you hit. This ranges from 2 for the mini-jackpot, right up to 12 for the ‘Super’ jackpot.

Design and Setup

Things have moved on a long way in terms of computer animations and graphics since the original Mr Cashman games were released. Everything from the symbols on the reels to the animations of the yellow guy are much smoother and more detailed than before. The same kind of music appears, think bold and brash brass band tunes for this game! For me the standout animation is the one with the hammer – where Mr Cashman squashes more chocolates or fruits into each reel for many more wins.

You can spin this slot for between 50c and $2, making it a smaller stakes game. I like the way the jackpots are proportional to your bet.

Overall Experience

Mr Cashman is back, and a lot of fans who have not seen an update for several years will be very happy to see the results. This is an entertaining slot, though the solid Aristocrat game play is very much in place. The second screen game from the original, and Mr Cashman walking over the reels will remind you of the original, though there is enough new here to make the game a lot of fun.

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