Cash Explosion Slots from Aristocrat

Cash Explosion is a slot feature which is shared by 4 different Aristocrat games. All of these slot games play in exactly the same way, with individual themes, sounds and graphics.

The themes are ‘Emperor’s Treasure’, ‘Fiesta Sun’, ‘Eyes of Fortune’ and ‘Indian Moon’. Cash Explosion appears when you hit 5 of a kind wins, and can lead to progressive jackpot wins.

In addition to this feature each of the games is filled with bonus features. These include random multipliers assigned to wins which include wilds, a pick-em game and a free spins bonus round where you get to select your volatility level.

How to Win on Cash Explosion

In all of the games you’ll find the ‘Reel Power Plus’ format which uses the popular all-ways system of wins. This means that you’ll win when landing symbols on consecutive reels, irrespective of the actual position on the reels.

With 4 different slots in this range, the top paying symbols will vary. What is common among them is that the wins are on the smaller side. For example, the chief symbol on Indian Moon pays just 125 coins for 5 of a kind. Your bigger wins will come from those times you hit these wins with a wild, which will bring a multiplier – and also times where you complete multiple win-lines at the same time using stacked symbols.

Many Cash Explosion Slot Features

The first of the features is the wild multiplier. Any time you land a win with the wild you might be assigned a random multiplier. This number can be large at times – in live play I have seen this number as high as 30x. This can be a great feature if you use the wild to land one of those bigger wins. The wild symbol will differ from theme to theme, in the ‘Indian Moon’ slot for example, you’ll find the moon itself as the wild.

The progressive jackpot can be landed in two ways. The first of these is actually on the reels themselves. On reel five you’ll occasionally see a ‘TNT’ symbol overlaying the standard symbol. This is the main ‘Cash Explosion’ feature. If you can manage a 5 in a row win that comes with the TNT overlay on reel 5 you are guaranteed to win one of the jackpots. There are four Jackpots in all. The mini and the minor Jackpots are fixed at $10 and $50 respectively while the Major and the Grand Jackpots are both progressive, starting at $500 and $10,000 respectively – though potentially going much higher.

You can also win any of the four Jackpot prizes away from the reels too in the randomly awarded pick ’em feature. Here you can win any of the four Jackpots, as well as free spins. However, if you manage to collect 3 strikes, the feature is now over.

The final features available are the free spins. These offer a very interesting alternative to a standard free spins feature as you’ll choose exactly how you want to play them. For example, you could opt for just 10 free spins, where the wild multipliers are randomly selected from between 15x, 20x or 30x, or you could choose25 free spins where the multipliers are between 3x, 5x or 8x. This adds a level of strategy to the games. Do you go all out for that huge win with less attempts, or do you go for the more solid 25 free spins, where the individual wins won’t be quite as large?

Design and Setup

With the four different themes available, you’ve got a good deal of variety in your gameplay. Each of the four themes is very different, although all offer a great amount of color and nicely designed symbols, although none of the themes is as impressive as you might find at some of the more modern, larger slots on the casino floor.

Each of the games is played out on five reels, each of the reels showing three symbols. The ‘Reel Power Plus’ format ensures that wins will come along more regularly than usual, as in actual fact you’ll have 243 ways to win at every single spin, although fortunately you can play each of these spins for as little as 30 credits. The minimum stake for each credit on any of the Cash Explosion slots is just 1c.

Overall Experience

It has to be said that Cash Explosion adds some extra interest to some of the traditional Aristocrat themes. With the choice of four distinctive slots, there is plenty of variety to keep you interested. The range of bonus features shared between the games will keep you engaged with any of the titles.

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