Can Can de Paris Slot from Aristocrat

The Can Can is a dance most famously seen in French cabarets, where you’ll see a line of dancing ladies kicking their legs in the air, cartwheeling and doing splits in unison.

This Aristocrat designed live slot celebrates the high energy dance, complete with Jacques Offenbach’s ‘Orpheus in the World’ soundtrack which is most associated with the dance. The dancing girls are certainly the highlight of the game, these stacked three high on the reels, featuring brilliant dancing animation as they wave their frilly skirts in the air, while an entertaining and innovative ‘wheel of fortune’ style bonus round is also included.

Dance Your Way to a Win on Can Can de Paris

The wild symbol shows a dancer, complete with a resplendent red headdress and this will substitute for every other symbol on the reels apart from the scatter. When this symbol appears, all other symbols directly above and below will also turn wild, due to the ‘wild reel’ feature. This symbol also activates the ‘Reel Growth’ feature. The wild symbol is actually 4 high and if this symbol appears on one or more of the top symbols on a reel, the entire slot will expand upwards opening up an additional row, each of these rows offering an additional 50 win lines.

This wild symbol is joined by the title symbol in being the joint highest paying at the game, both worth 100 coins for the maximum five in a row. The three other Can Can girls, backed by purple, blue and green are all worth 50 coins for five, while other symbols such as a white cat, a pocket watch and champagne are joined by the playing cards A, K, Q and J in completing the standard symbols.

Can Can de Paris Love Wheel Bonus

The scatter symbol is a love heart and this will activate the ‘Love Wheel’ bonus feature when it appears on 3 reels or more, while also paying out an immediate scatter win. This scatter will show the same multiplier which is randomly selected before each spin, the range of multipliers being x2, x3, x4, x6 and x10.

When you enter the feature you’ll actually choose exactly how you want to play it. For example, if you triggered the feature with the x2 symbol, you’ll choose to have one spin of the wheel with a 2x multiplier or two spins with a 1x multiplier. Similarly, if you trigger the feature with the 10x symbol, you can choose to have 10 spins with a 1x multiplier, 5 spins with a 2x multiplier, 2 spins with a 5x multiplier or a single spin with a 10x multiplier.

The ‘Love Wheel’ is a wheel of fortune style game where you’ll find a combination of cash credits, free spins and one of four progressive Jackpots that can be won. The number of Jackpot segments featured on the wheel is based on your stake for each spin, the minimum stake seeing just one of each of the three lowest Jackpots having one segment each, while the maximum stake enables multiple segments featuring all four Jackpots.

If you land the free games, you’ll play these with the title symbol now wild as well, while these can re-activated by landing 3 scatters, awarding you 8 free spins. All wins during these free spins are multiplied by the love wheel multiplier chosen at the start of the feature.

Design and Configuration

The Can Can de Paris slot is certainly eye catching, the game completely lit up by the dancing girls on the reels. All of the symbols are very colorful, standing out against the dark backdrop of the reels and the accompanying sound only elevates the game more, making it a game you’ll be drawn to.

The reel configuration is a little unusual in the fact that the five reels each show five symbols, which allows for the numerous oversized stacked symbols. The game has a total of 100 win lines and you can play for 60, 120, 180, 240 and 300 credits.

Overall Experience

Aristocrat has come up with a good, original theme for an online slot and what’s better is that the gameplay is excellent too! The combination of the high quality graphics and the soundtrack make for an enjoyable ride in the base game, while the ‘love wheel’ feature is fantastic. The fact that you can choose how to play it adds some strategy to the feature and there is nothing more exciting than seeing the wheel come to a stop, especially when you’re nearing on a Jackpot segment! Can Can de Paris is fun from start to finish.

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