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The Big Bang Theory’ is an American sitcom initially based around five characters living in Pasadena, California – Leonard Hofstader, Sheldon Cooper, Penny (whole surname has never been revealed), Howard Wolowitz, and Raj Koothrappali. The four male characters in the show are all physicists and they get to know Penny as she lives opposite Hofstader and Cooper who share an apartment. The show began in 2007 and at time of writing was midway through its 8th season, growing in popularity year after year. A sure sign of the popularity of the show is the fact that Aristocrat has turned the show into its own slot.

The Big Bang Theory slot machine is certainly imposing and is hard to miss. This is due to the slot being framed in the ‘Wonder Wheels’ cabinet developed by Aristocrat. This is ten and a half feet tall, featuring 55 inch LCD screens and perhaps most impressive of all, the three large mechanical wheels – one above each display, the other sat at the top, towering above the casino floor. Alongside the impressive display, you’ll find the iChair, offering an immersive gaming experience. This platform was originally used for the Batman slot and has been rolled out for exclusive themed titles for Aristocrat.

When finally settling down to play after marvelling at the set up you’ll find that the game has multi reels as an option, with the option of up to four reels in play at once. The five main characters from the show are all represented on these reels and you’ll find images, animation and video clips of each one throughout gameplay.

The slot has a 50 credit minimum bet size and a 600 credit maximum, with coin denominations ranging between 1c all the way up to $20.

Big Bang’s Mystery Bonus Rounds

During play there are ten separate mystery bonuses that can be triggered at any time within the base game, these using any bet size. As well as this, you’ll launch The Big Bang Theory Mystery Bonus Wheel when landing three or more scatters on one of your sets of reels. The Wheel will award you one of six different bonus features – one for each of the characters as well as an overall feature for the show.

Large Leonard Hofstadter Collision Feature – This feature offers free Mega symbol spins with the player choosing the volatility of the round.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper Roommate Agreement Feature – Here you’ll have eight free Reel Power spins, where wins will be gained by symbols anywhere on consecutive reels.

Penny Friendship Paradigm Feature – You’ll have 5 spins on a 4×4 reel set and the more times Penny appears, the greater the size of the win you’ll have.

Howard Wolowitz Mystic Warlords Of Ka’a Feature – This is a pick-em round where players will select cards to reveal either credit amounts or multipliers.

Raj Koothrappali Scavenger Vortex Feature – Another pick-em round where you’ll select scavenger objects to win either credits or win every prize.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Progressive Feature – This is the final pick-em round where the player selects symbols to win either credits or the progressive Jackpot prize.

Perhaps the best feature of all however is the multi-site progressive Jackpot, which is seeded at a quarter of a million dollars can be won at any time when playing for at least 200 credits and landing the Jackpot symbol on all 4 games in play.

It’s clear this slot is one of the most striking on the casino floor; the Wonder Wheels cabinet making the slot stand out from the vast majority of other games. The multi reels option gives the standard game a big life, but it’s the wide variety of features that really make the slot – meaning you’ll come back and play again and again. Throw in the progressive Jackpot and ‘The Big bang Theory’ slot is one that is not to be missed.

Big Bang Theory 3 Reel Slot

Aristocrat gaming have also released a 3 reel version of the Big Bang Theory slot on the ‘Behemoth’, their 10 foot tall platform with an 84 inch screen. This is a dollar game and features many clips from the series as well as images of the main characters looming large on the screen above the reels. This is a far more straightforward game, but if you can land the ‘Bazinga’ scatter symbol, the Bazinga Wheel (this time on the screen as opposed to the Mechanical Wheels found on the Wonder Wheels version) offers players the chance to win a number of cash prizes ranging from just $5 all the way up $1,000.

About : The Big Bang Theory

‘The Big Bang Theory’ was created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, both of who serve as both head writers and executive producers alongside Steven Molaro. The show first aired on CBS in September 2007 and at first the uptake was a little slow, failing to make the top 50 in the ratings for season one and only just sneaking in at 44th for the second season. However, the show has seen a steady rise in the number of viewers, with the 19 million viewer average watching series eight more than doubling the numbers for series one.

The main four male characters in the series are all into science fiction and as such episodes find frequent banter between the group about scientific theories and science themed jokes. There are also frequent references to popular Sci-Fi series including Star Wars, Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica. Star Trek is perhaps the most mentioned however, with cameo appearances by a number of the Star Trek cast throughout the seasons of the show.

Although initially focusing mainly upon the five central characters, over the years the series has grown and introduced other starring characters, including Bernadette (Howard’s girlfriend/wife), Amy (who would become Sheldon’s girlfriend) and Stuart (the owner of the comic book store).

Reviews of the series were mixed at the start, however with each subsequent series the critics have been kinder, with Robert Bianco of USA Today stating ‘Bang is one of those rare series where just thinking about some of the plots is enough to make you laugh all over again’ after series six. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the show has been the recipient of both Golden Globes and Emmy awards, as well as many other awards.

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