A Christmas Story Slot from Aristocrat

A Christmas Story is a perennial favorite which portrays a nostalgic view of Christmas time in 1940’s America.

The central character in the film is nine year old Ralphie who only has one thing on his Christmas List: a Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-Shot Air Rifle. Concerned parties think he might ‘shoot his eyes out’, so the film shows Ralphie go on a fully fledged hinting and begging campaign.

The delightful story has now become the subject of an Aristocrat live casino slot, a slot which is chock full of features from the very start.

Wrapping Gifts – How to Win on A Christmas Story

The eye catching lamp designed in the style of a woman’s leg which plays such an iconic role in the film is the wild symbol and will substitute for every other symbol. This wild symbol is stacked four high, so will enable many additional wins, while it is also the highest paying symbol, worth 1,000 coins for the maximum 5 in a row. Ralphie, who appears either a two high symbol or a single symbol is next on the pay table at 400 coins, while the three members of Ralphie’s family all pay 250 coins. All other symbols in the game, each which relates to the film, pay 100 coins for landing a full house of 5.

A Christmas Story Slot Features

There are a huge number of bonus features throughout this game – here is a summary of each:

Bumpus Hounds Random Wild Feature – This occurs randomly and will see a bunch of hounds running across the reels, turning a series of symbols wild. At least 2 wilds will appear on reels 1 to 4 and this feature will always pay at least 200 coins.

It’s a Clinker Random Wild Feature – This works in exactly the same way as the Bumpus Hounds random wild feature, this time based around the famous scene about the furnace.

Deranged Bunny Reel Growth Feature – While the reels are spinning you’ll find them expand to a new height of 5, 6, 7 or 8 high, each additional row adding 16 new lines to the slot. 2 or 3 of the reels will also become wild during this feature.

Golden Twinkling Wheel of Mechanized Electronic Joy Feature – This feature sees you look up at the wheel of fortune style  wheel above the reels, this eventually stopping on an impressive credit amount.

During any of the Bumpus Hounds, It’s a Clicker or the Deranged bunny features, if a wild lands above the bonus the Christmas wreath symbol, you’ll enter the ‘Head Honcho’ feature. This sees you presented with a screen full of Christmas presents. You’ll click on each to reveal one of four further bonus features – you’ll enter the bonus feature which you uncover twice! The four bonus features are as follows:

Progressive Decoder Wheel Feature – A wheel appears on the screen, giving you the opportunity of winning the Mini, Minor and Major Jackpots.

Queen Mother of Dirty Words Feature – This is a free spins feature played on 4 reels using the REEL POWER format. New ‘exclamation’ symbols  appear on the reels and this feature ends when these line up three times in total.

The Triple Dog Dare Feature – This feature takes you to the reel above the screen again, which can be spun up to 4 times. The prize awarded from the wheel is added to the bonus meter, while a pick feature round can be played too.

Black Bart Bounty – This is a pick feature where you’ll choose from four different burglars on the screen. Gain a credit win for each pick and you’ll have 6 picks in total. Land on an ‘advance’ pick and you’ll move onto the next level where the wins are greater!

Design and Setup

Fans of the movie will immediately be drawn to this slot, the imagery taking you back to the endearing Christmas film. Throughout the slot you’ll hear Christmas music playing, while soundbites from the film are regular occurrences, while you’ll also see some nice video clips too. The game is played out on five reels, each of the reels four high. There are forty win lines in total, with a minimum bet size of just 50 credits, making for a minimum total stake of just 50c.

Overall Impression

If you enjoy a live casino slot with a wide range of features, you might have a tough time finding a slot with more features than this Aristocrat design. The game has randomly allocated features, features within features and even the opportunity of winning one of three progressive Jackpots. In fact, with so much variety within the game you’ll have a very tough time in landing all of the features in just one sitting, which will certainly mean you’ll play this game again. In fact, this game is even better than the Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-Shot Air Rifle!

About A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story was released in 1983. Directed by Bob Clark, the film depicts the Christmas wishes of lead character Ralphie (played by Peter Billingsley). Ralphie only wants one thing for Christmas, the Red Ryder Air Rifle. However, it looks like Ralphie won’t achieve his wish, as his mother, teacher and even a Santa Claus in a department store telling him that ‘You’ll Shoot Your Eyes Out’.

Christmas morning arrives and Ralphie opens all of his presents, but the one present he wants more than any other is missing, leaving him ultimately disappointed. ‘The Old Man’, which Ralphie’s father is referred to as throughout the film, then tells Ralphie that there is one last hidden present and he opens it to reveal the air rifle!

Ralphie takes the present outside and fires it at a metal target, which causes a ricochet which causes his glasses to fall off, Ralphie now thinking he has indeed shot his eyes out, although he eventually convinces his mother that a falling icicle had caused the accident. The film ends with Ralphie lying in bed on Christmas night, his prized possession beside him in the bed.

The film was released just before Thanksgiving in 1983 and would only achieve moderate success, earning $2 million in the first weekend. By the time Christmas came around, the film was no longer playing at many venues, only 100 cinemas still showing the film.

However, subsequent showings of the film on television and home video releases has seen it become something of a classic, many today considering it one of the best movies of 1983. The showing of the film at Christmas has become an annual tradition, in 1997 TNT deciding to host ’24 hours of a Christmas Story’ where the movie was played continuously on a loop throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, these marathons continuing to this day.

In 2007 AOL would rate ‘A Christmas Story’ the number one Christmas film of all time, while IGN would also name it the top holiday themed film of all time. In 2012, a Marist Poll would also see the movie named ‘The Most Favorite Holiday Film in the US’.

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