5 Koi Legends Slot from Aristocrat

This Asian themed slot now features a ‘deluxe’ version as well as the popular original. It can be played as a stand-alone game (using the Viridon WS cabinet), and is also found as part of multi-game slots, which have several ‘Legends’ in the same cabinet.

While there are small differences between the standard and deluxe versions of this game, the game-play is essentially the same.

The key feature is a bonus round where you select from golden koi to reveal your combination of free spins and multipliers.

Aristocrat's 5 Koi Slots Machine in Action!

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  • How to Win on 5 Koi Legends

    Whichever of the two versions you play, the classic or the deluxe game, you’ll enjoy the ‘Reel Power’ format. This is a variation of all-ways play where you get to choose the number of reels that are included. With the multipliers from the bonus games, there is no real reason to play fewer reels than the full 5. Symbols on consecutive reels from the left will trigger prizes regardless of their position.

    Some of the better paying symbols are unique to this game. These are Chinese characters with different colors and a word underneath each – these are ‘wealth’, ‘lucky’ and ‘good luck’. There are also red envelopes and the Koi in a pond (which is the wild symbol as well as the biggest paying).

    5 Koi Legends Features

    The main bonus feature at the game is very similar if playing the classic or deluxe versions, although the deluxe version is a little more comprehensive. You will trigger this by hitting 3 gold coins on the reels.

    The classic version gives you the option of choosing one of five Koi – which will give you some idea as to where the title of the slot came from! Each of the five Koi look the same, but come with a different colored background. Your first choice is to have a huge 25 free games, each of these seeing any wins using the Koi wild symbol being multiplied by 2x, 3x or 5x. The four other choices see a reduced number of free spins available, although the multiplier increases. The lowest number of spins available is 10, with multipliers of 10x, 15x and 30x available. As usual with these ‘choose your volatility’ options, the long term wins should work out the same.

    The deluxe version actually features seven Koi as opposed to 5. All of the five options in the classic game are still available, however you’ll find two additional choices. The first of these sees you offered the chance to play just 6 free games, the multipliers here the largest of all – 15x. 30x or 40x. The other option is possibly the best option of all as it’s the ‘mystery’. Here you’ll be awarded a random number of spins and a random multiplier, great for those players who enjoy a gamble!

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    Design and Setup

    Each version of the game has a slightly different look. The classic version sees a dark blue backdrop while all of the symbols stand out against the cream colored background of the reels. The deluxe version has a much darker look overall, the background of the reels now a deep blue, while each of the reels is framed by an ornate pillar. This slot doesn’t quite match up graphically to some of the slots you’ll find in the casino, the game has something of a basic feel at times, although this is not quite as noticeable when playing the deluxe version. Accompanying both of the game is a soundtrack which will certainly transport you to the Far East, the up tempo theme tune really adding to the game.

    5 Koi Legends is housed in the Viridion WS cabinet, which features wide 22 inch LCD monitors, a new sound system and a 13 button low profile panel.  Both of the slots are played out on the somewhat standard five reels, each of these reels showing three symbols. The cost for each of the spins when playing the maximum 5 reels is 30 credits, although players can opt to play multiples of the 30 credits.

    Overall Experience

    The 5 Koi Legends slot has a pretty standard base game whether you are playing both the classic and the deluxe versions, but what really sets the game apart is the free spins feature. The classic version offered an intriguing feature, where some strategy was added to the free spins, but the deluxe version has taken this even further – adding a new mystery option to your free spins choices. If you enjoy Asian themed slots, then 5 Koi Legends is certainly worth taking for a spin.