Chinese legends have provided a rich source of inspiration for Aristocrat. Many of their slots have Asian themes, with new titles delving into history to produce titles including the Third Prince and this one – 3 Emperors. There are 3 titles with essentially the same game play. These are based on Emperors Yu, Yao and Shun. Legends show them as the 3 rulers that followed the founding heroes of the Chinese empire. What they had in common is that they all rejected their own sons as successors – finding more worthy people to rule instead. This humility ensured the success of ancient China.

The slots based on these emperors are graphically stunning, and share a special respins feature during the free spins bonus game. Respins not only give you the possibility of extra line wins, you can also get a random jackpot – courtesy of a golden dragon.

3 Emperors Slots – Base Game and Wins

You’ll find the background and graphic elements of each Emperors slot game slightly different, though the reel configuration is the same. This is a 4 row by 5-reel grid, with 100 win lines. Most Aristocrat slots mix their standard playing card symbols with unique ones. These slots use gems in the ‘filler’ role for the smaller wins, which improves the overall look of the games considerably.

The best symbol on each game is a picture of the featured emperor, these can be double height. Other unique symbols are detailed pictures showing a carp, tiger and an eagle in flight. There are ornate dragon logos, which are wild symbols – substituting for everything except for the free games bonus symbols. Gems are vivid colors with 5 different variations on the reels.

During the base game you will get randomly exploding reels, where the symbols are replaced and award credit wins of between 5 and 1000 times your bet amount.

Free Spins Bonus Games with Roll-Up Respins

To trigger the free spins, you need to hit 3 of the free games logos anywhere on the reels. Each of the games handles the award of free spins differently, though once the game starts they are all the same. Yao and Shun both award 15 free spins, and keep the mix of symbols the same as in the base game. With Yu, you get to choose the number of free spins. This depends on which symbol you pick to be the only unique symbol during the bonus (along with the gems). If you choose Yu himself you get 11 free spins, if you choose the eagle you’ll get 20, with the fish and tiger in between. There is also a random option for those who prefer a little bit more of a gamble!

Once the free spins begin the respin feature can be very profitable. Whenever you hit a line win, the reels containing this will roll up and back down again – as if in a scroll or window blind. If another win is revealed, this is added to your total and the roll-up happens again. This continues until you have no win, at which point you move on to the next free spin. This does mean that you can get several wins for each of your free spins.

After any roll-up sequence, you might see some ornate red and gold doors instead of the usual symbols. These will open to reveal a pile of gold coins. A beautifully drawn golden dragon will then appear, revealing which of the progressive jackpots you win. There are 3 for each game, with the ‘Grand’ jackpot certainly worth winning.

Design and Setup of the 3 Emperors Slots

There are 3 different designs used in the 3 Emperors slot machine, which seem to be loosely based on fire, water and earth. The water one (Yu) is the stand out design. Behind the reels you will see 5 waterfalls, with other blue effects on board. Yao is more red, with a hint of fire – pagodas though a hazy mist and overall red hues. Shun has a beige look and feel. All of these slots are in Helix cabinets, and feature an excellent depiction of the emperor above the reels.

Artwork for the symbols is a lot more detailed than for many other Aristocrat slots, with the fish in particular standing out. The best sequence is saved for those times you see the golden dragon. Since this also triggers one of the jackpot prizes, there are even more good reasons you’ll be pleased to see it.

Bets for this game are in multiples of 100 coins, and start at 1c per line.

Overall these are excellent additions to the long list of Asian themed titles in the Aristocrat range. The highlight is undoubtedly the respin feature during the free games sequence – especially those times you see the red doors and dragon instead of a fresh set of symbols.