The Snake Charmer Slot Game

This colorful and somewhat quirky 5 reel video slot was created by NextGen and is available under license at Amaya casinos. It has a distinctly Indian feel, with some cartoon-like hypnotized snakes the main focus of the game. You’ll see the Taj Mahal in the background and 5 clay pots – one underneath each reel. These play an important part in the free spins bonus game, as does the sleeping Indian guy on top of the reels. This is the only slot I know of that plays Sitar music while you spin.


How to Win on the Snake Charmer Slot

I am not sure cobras are very friendly in real life, though the one representing the wild symbol in this slot has a friendly look to him. Wilds are the highest paying symbol, and also substitute with every symbol except the scatter to create more winning combinations. You will win 5000 coins for lining up 5 of these on one of the 25 win-lines, 1000 coins for 4, 200 for 3 and 10 coins for just 2 (starting from the left hand reel as usual).

There is a diverse collection of symbols next on the pay table. An exotic dancer will get you 1500 coins for 5 and the elephant standing on its hind legs 750. Clay pots with a snake charmers musical instrument is the last of the unique symbols – worth 400 coins for 5. After that come the usual playing card symbols, these are decorated with gold trim to fit in with the Indian theme.

The final symbol is the scatter, which is the snake charmer himself. This symbol pays depending on the overall amount on the reels – rather than being tied to any win-lines. You will get 100 times your total spin amount for hitting 5 at once, with 15x for 4, 4x for 3 and 2x for just 2. Furthermore, hitting 3 or more on the reels will trigger the entertaining free spins bonus game.

Snake Charmer Slot Free Spins Game

While you only get 10 free spins in this bonus game – the slot certainly comes to life. You get a different tune playing, and the Indian guy sleeping on top of the reels wakes up and starts to play his instrument. You’ll see waves of musical notes coming from him while you spin.

The clay pots under the reels also come to life. Each spin, one or more of these opens up and a confused looking giant snake covers all 3 rows of the reel above. This reel is also covered in a hypnotic swirl of colorful circles. These become wild, which can create a lot of extra wins, which are totaled up in a new box which appears at the bottom right of the reels.

While this game can’t be retriggered, the snakes add an entertaining new dimension – it is the kind of game you’ll look forward to hitting again.

Design and Setup of The Snake Charmer Slot

There is a good level of detail in the graphics for this game, with the sunset and Taj Mahal behind the reels very nicely done. The reels have a beige parchment-like background to them, and the symbols are crisp and neatly done – without being too over the top. The stand out symbol for me is the wild snake. The colored circles in its eyes when making a win are excellent!

During the bonus game the animations get even better. The musical notes are nicely created and the snakes coming out of the clay pots have been really well designed. It helps that you’ll make a lot of extra wins with these of course! The audio is a mix of drums, sitar tunes and the usual beeps and whirrs of online slot games.

You will start with a default of 25 win lines for Snake Charmer, though this number can be changed if you like. You can also choose from a wide range of coin sizes, starting from 2c (making it a 50c minimum game for all 25 lines). You’ll find the usual auto-play and bet max buttons available.

Overall Experience

For me this is a great example of a nicely produced slot that does not need a whole lot of different features and bonus games to be engaging and enjoyable. The light humor of the game (particular the hypnotized snakes) and excellent free spins feature are the highlights. As a great alternative to the usual slot themes, I recommend taking this game for a spin!


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