Sushi Express Slot from Amaya

If you fancy a trip to a Sushi restaurant, the Sushi Express slot might just be ideal, although you should be warned that the chef is a little bit feisty. This chef is a large purple octopus who sits behind the reels throughout, two of his tentacles proudly holding a knife and a cleaver, so this is certainly not a chef who you would consider complaining about! On the reels you’ll find a variety of sushi style dishes as well as a crab, a shrimp, a puffer fish and a gold fish, while noodles, wasabi and soy sauce make for the perfect accompaniments to the dishes. The highlight of the slot is the free spins bonus round where you might just end up with a nice Jackpot coming your way.

How to Win on Sushi Express

This slot pays from left to right and you’ll need to land at least three symbols in a row to land a win. The large purple octopus found behind the reels also appears on the reels themselves, ‘Tako’ being the wild symbol. This means that he will substitute for every other symbol on the reels apart from the bonus one. This is also the highest paying symbol at the game, worth 1,000 coins for landing five in a row.

Next on the pay table is the crab and the puffer fish which both pay 500 coins for the maximum five, while the shrimp pays 250 coins for the maximum five. The noodles and the wasabi pay 150 coins and the soy sauce pay 100, while various pieces of sushi pay a maximum of 75 coins.

Sushi Express Bonus Feature

The bonus feature is certainly the highlight of the slot and this is activated by landing the scatter symbol on reels 2, 3 and 4. This scatter symbol certainly stands out as it shows two golden fish standing either side of a red backed inscription, while the word ‘bonus’ is emblazoned across the front.  Upon entry to the bonus feature you’ll be presented with a conveyor belt showing various sushi dishes. You’ll pick from one of three each time and each will reveal either a credit amount or a number of spins. These prizes will add up until you hit ‘collect’ at which point the free spins will begin.

After each of the free spins you’ll be invited to pick the sushi ingredients on the reels and these will reveal an additional cash prize. On the very last spin your pick has some added excitement, as you could potentially uncover the progressive Jackpot which is shown above the reels under the word ‘Tips’. At the end of the bonus feature all of your wins from both the pick round at the start and from the free spins will be added together and presented as a prize.

Design and Setup

This Amaya designed slot has a very original design – it’s not often that you see a large purple Octopus looming large behind the reels. A conveyor belt of sushi moves from left to right across the bottom of the screen and if you are hungry when playing, it will only make you hungrier. The symbols are all drawn in something of a cartoon style, giving the slot a nice sense of humor, while they also bring a lot of color to the game. An Oriental style soundtrack plays alongside each spin, while the Octopus makes some of the strangest noises you’ll ever hear at an online when he lands – this is worth playing just to check out this sound effect!

Sushi Express is a five reel slot with a fixed number of 30 pay lines. You’ll choose the coin size which ranges from just 5c all the way through to $10 and multiply this by 30 to see your total stake for each spin. You’ll also find a handy auto play option where you can either set the number of spins manually using the up and down arrows, or use the ‘advanced’ option to quickly set a larger number of spins, as well as set rules such as stopping after a cumulative win amount.

Overall Experience

It has to be said that you won’t come across many slots where a giant octopus stands behind the reels throughout, so Amaya have to be commended for an original theme. However, this isn’t the only reason this slot should be commended. The bonus feature here is one of the best you’ll find online, a nice combination of a pick feature and a free spins round, with an added Jackpot opportunity thrown in for good measure too. This offers everything you want from a slot, with added Soy sauce!

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