Free Supernova Slot Machine

A Supernova is an event that occurs when a star is coming to the end of its life, one final explosion causing the death of the star, a new bright star briefly appearing, before fading away over time. The Supernova slot features six different stars, three which are completely ablaze and on the verge of destruction, while a further three show atoms moving around within the stars. The vast majority of online slots have either 3 or 5 reels, but this Amaya designed game is actually an original mixture of the two – a three reel game, with an additional two multiplier reels.

How to Win on Supernova

This slot has the popular all ways system in place, meaning that to land a win you’ll need to land the same symbol on consecutive reels, irrespective of the position on the reels. With just six standard symbols and a wild, these wins will come along on a regular basis, especially when you consider that the all ways system means that there are 27 ways to win on each spin.

The bright orange exploding star is the highest paying symbol on the reels, worth 50 coins when landing three in a row, while both the blue and green exploding stars pay 15 coins. The atom filled stars are lower paying, the scarlet, turquoise and purple stars each paying 3 coins for three in a row.

The wild symbol is represented by a more solid looking, swirling multi-colored star with the word ‘wild’ written across it so there is no doubt. This will substitute for any other symbol on the reels giving the opportunity for many more wins, wilds on all-ways slots always being slightly more valuable as they can enable a good number of wins.

Multiplier Reels on the Supernova Slot

Alongside the first three reels, you’ll also find an additional two reels, each of which show a combination of multipliers and black holes. If you land a win, the multiplier which appears in the middle of the first extra reel will now be applied to your win amount, although landing a black hole here means that you’ll simply win the original amount. If you do manage to land a multiplier on the first extra reel, the second extra reel will now come into play and if you land another multiplier on this final reel, your total win amount will be multiplied again. The multipliers on these reels are 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x, so you could potentially see your original win amount multiplied by 100x if you land the 10x multipliers on both of the two additional reels.

Design and Setup

Supernova has an excellent design, each of the symbols spinning slowly and looking brilliant against the interstellar backdrop of space. The gameplay is excellent too. If you should land a winning combination on the first three reels, the background changes to see you zooming through space, much as you would find in a Sci-Fi film or TV series when the ‘warp’ speed is activated. The two additional reels will now slow down and take longer to come to a stop, adding a nice level of tension and atmosphere to the game, as you wait to see if your win amount is to be multiplied and by how much. This tension is only added to when you land the first multiplier and await to see if another multiplier is applied. The accompanying sound has an ambient feel, which really complements the game, while wins are greeted by high quality space like sound effects.

The setup of the game is very straightforward, as the all ways system means that you’ll always have 27 ways to win, these coming at the cost of 25 credits. You’ll simply choose the coin level and this will be multiplied by 25 to give you your total stake for each spin. The slot has a ‘fast play’ option which will see the reels come to a stop much quicker than usual, while an auto play option sees options for 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 spins in a row.

Overall Experience

With so much variety when it comes to online slots today, it can be difficult to come across a game that is truly original, but Amaya has come up trumps here. Despite being a relatively straightforward game with no additional bonus features, Supernova is actually brilliant. The combination of the great sound and visuals and the original gameplay make for a real treat and the slowing down of the multiplier reels is a real masterstroke, giving the game an added buzz. Having played it once, you’ll want to head to the stars again and again.

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