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Spin n’ Win is an ideal slot if you’re a fan of those television game shows that were so popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s. This 3-reel free slot game is played out in the middle of a TV studio, with lights, camera and the sparkly game logo taking center stage, while a beautiful brunette in a long turquoise dress presides over the scene. The game is something of a straightforward one, where you’ll find a nice nod to more traditional slots with the inclusion of the sevens and the BAR symbols. However, if you are playing for the maximum coin amount, you might find yourself spinning a ‘wheel of fortune’ style wheel, where extra bonus credits can be yours.

How to Win on Spin ‘n Win

The largest payout on this Amaya designed slot is the jackpot one, which comes your way when you land the title symbol three times in a row on the single win line. The Jackpot payout is yours if you are playing for the maximum 3 coins, however should you hit three in a row playing for just 1 or 2 coins, you’ll land a win of 4,000 and 2,000 coins respectively.

The title symbol is wild too, as is the second wild represented by a red number 5 against a golden background. These will substitute for any other symbol on the reels, ensuring many additional wins. If playing for the maximum 3 coins, these wilds will also have a 5x multiplier attached, while a win using both of the wilds will be the subject of a 25x multiplier.

If you are playing for the maximum 3 coins, you’ll find another bonus coming your way! If the ‘spin’ symbols lands anywhere on the win line, you’ll be taken to a separate screen where you’ll play a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ style game. Hot spin to set the wheel in motion and you’ll see the wheel is made up of a large number of different colored segments, each of these segments having a different prize amount attached. The top prize on the wheel is 1,000 coins, while the minimum payout is 20 coins, making for a potentially profitable spin.

Of course, there are more than just Jackpot payouts and bonus games here, as you’ll win when landing any symbols three times in a row. Three red sevens if worth 120 coins (all payouts here will be presuming you are playing for 3 coins), the 7BAR symbols are worth 100 coins and a combination of the sevens and the 7BAR’s pay 80 coins. Next up are the triple, double and single BAR symbols which pay 60, 40 and 20 coins respectively, while a wad of cash pays the same 20 coins. Other payouts come your way when landing a combination of the BARs, any one or two wads of cash, or any two of the Jackpot/Wild symbols with a blank on the third reel.

Design and Setup

It would be fair to say that the game has something of a cheesy gameshow feel, although this is clearly the idea of the game, so it actually works. Despite all of the bright lights and colors, the reels themselves have a plain white background and appear as they would at any traditional slot, the shading suggesting the curvature of the reels. The accompanying sound is very basic, the whirring of the reels and a simple high pitched beep whenever a reel comes to a stop.

Having just one win line, you’ll simply choose the credit value for each spin as well as the number of bets. Hit the ‘bet one’ button to set your bet size, this starting at zero but moving up through 1, 2 and 3 each time you hit this button. The ‘Same Spin’ button uses the same settings for the previous spin, while the ‘Bet Max’ button sees a spin with the maximum bet size of 3.

Overall Experience

In general three reel slots are not as expansive as their 5 reel counterparts, but Spin ‘n Win actually does a really good job of bridging the gap. If playing for just 1 or 2 coins, the slot can be very straightforward, but play for 3 coins and you’ve got Jackpot opportunities, the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ game and the 5x multiplier in play for use of either of the wilds. As such, I would certainly recommend playing for the maximum 3 coins! For a high speed and fun 3 reel slot, Spin ‘n Win might just fit the bill.

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