Shogun Showdown Slot Machine

Warriors of historical Japan feature in this attractively designed 50 pay line online slot from Amaya. You’ll find lots of references to the martial arts as symbols on the reels. These include throwing stars, numchucks and samurai swords. There is also an effective blue devil mask and ninjas peeking from behind the playing card symbols. You will find a free slot game bonus and a unique ‘showdown’ on-reel bonus where you have 4 spins to collect as many shoguns as you can.

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How to Win on Shogun Showdown

Individual wins are on the smaller side, which is balanced by the wilds and shogun symbols which change into a randomly selected symbol after they land. This means that your bigger wins will come when you hit 5, 8 or even more winning lines at the same time.

Shogun symbols are stacked on all reels. This means you can get a lot of the 5×4 grid covered in these sometimes (other times just 1 reel shows them). They will all change into a random regular (not wild or bonus) symbol at the same time. If you get lucky and combine these with some symbols already on the reels then the payouts can be considerable. There is also a special Shogun feature on the reels, which is explained below.

Regular wins start with 250 coins for 5 of the throwing starts, with 100 for 4 and 40 for 3. Swords on a red background come next at 200 coins, then a helmet with big horns and the numchucks at 100 for 5. Playing card symbols ace, king and queen (complete with ninjas!) make up the smaller wins.

Blue demon symbols are wild, and will substitute for all the regular symbols to complete wins, though not the special shogun or bonus symbols. Bonus symbols only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 – all 3 are needed to trigger the free spins bonus game.

Shogun Showdown Bonus Features

The on-reel feature is unique, and is triggered when the entire middle reel is covered in the special shogun symbol. This turns into a flaming column, with a very nicely drawn large shogun standing among the flames. You then get 4 special spins, where any more shogun symbols you hit become sticky. There are no regular wins during these special ‘collecting’ spins. After 4 spins all of the shoguns will turn into a regular symbol at random. If you get good coverage (and especially if you hit a wild or two on that last spin), this can result in a lot of wins.

Hitting a bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 will get you 10 free spins. An orange glow surrounds the reels for this – though the game play is the same otherwise. You can retrigger these spins, and in fact the bonus symbols say ‘retrigger’. When you end the bonus game 2 fighters appear on the screen with the word ‘end’ where their weapons meet.

Design and Setup

This is certainly one of the better designed games in the Amaya range, with excellent graphics and a lot of attention to detail. Either side of the reels are statues of oriental lions with flames coming from them, with a pagoda and vivid orange sunset behind. The reels are transparent, giving you a better view of the background when the reels spin.

Animations on the reels are also very good. These are short and simple, for example zooming in on the shogun. When you hit the special shogun feature the flaming column is very effective. Sound effects are tied in with the theme. These range from martial art type noises, through to gentle oriental tunes for when you win.

There are 50 win lines crossing the 5 reels of Shogun Showdown, this number is fixed – though you do get some flexibility in the number of coins you play per line and the size of those coins. The smallest coins size is 2c, or $1 per spin. There is an auto spin feature available and a nice clear display of your last win on the bottom right.

Overall Experience

As far as Asian themed slots go, this one is among the best in design and has some solid features too. The on-reel Shogun feature is the highlight for me and after getting used to the fact that there are no regular wins during the ‘collecting spins’, I started to look forward to covering the reels in one type of symbol. The addition of a jackpot or single outsized win would make this slot complete, though even as it stands it is well worth taking for a spin.

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