Rags to Riches Slot Machine


You’ll find a classic rags to riches story right on the reels in front of you with this Amaya video slot game. Symbols start with a cardboard box and bowl of soup, and go right through to piles of gold bullion and expensive looking cognac. There are some big wins possible in this game – to enable you to share in the riches too! These include a 25000 coin top prize in regular play, as well as a progressive jackpot. There is a second screen bonus round which literally traces the park bench to luxury yacht journey – via a high-low game.

How to Win on Rags to Riches

The single biggest prize from regular play comes from lining up the tropical island with a ‘for sale’ sign on it across the 5 reels of this slot. This will get you a generous 25,000 coins for 5 on a win-line, with 1000 coins for just 4, 500 for 3 and 25 coins for just 2. In stark contrast to this a lowly cardboard box is the next highest paying symbol. The prize for this one is also generous – a cool 15,000 coins for lining up 5. The guy holding a cup (presumably begging) is the 3rd big paying symbol at 10,000 for 5.

Other symbols have more modest prizes which are more in line with regular Amaya slots. These include a skateboard and rich guy with a woman each side, as well as sneakers, soup, gold bars, cognac and a cigar.

There is only one special symbol on this slot – which does not include any wild symbols – this is the Rags to Riches logo that acts as a scatter and triggers the bonus game. 2+ of these on the reels gets you your bet back, and 3+ takes you to the second screen bonus.

Rags to Riches Bonus Game

There are 3 parts to this bonus game, each of which is part of the journey from the streets to the heights of luxury.

First up, you see a scene with a guy sat on a bench and a shopping cart in front of him. There is a number and green arrows pointing up and down above. Below is a bar split into sections, with 3 different colors.

The idea of the game is to guess the correct direction of the numbers by going either high or low. These go from 1 to 49, and any tie is treated as a loss. You get 2 chances for each of the sections you go through.

As you guess correctly, the guy stands up and pushes his cart slowly to the right. If you hit the end then you get the chance to collect your winnings, or to continue to the next part of the game (which starts with a new random number).

Part 2 sees the guy in a sports car, with each correct guess moving it to the right across the screen. Again you get 2 shots at guessing wrong, and if you make it you win a bigger prize. You can collect, or go for the final section, which sees you in a yacht. If you hit the end then you win a big prize, and get to play the jackpot game.

The jackpot game is shared with other slots, and so not connected to the theme. You see a 16 box grid made to look like a treasure map. You get one shot at scratching a square (by clicking on it) to try for the jackpot.

Design and Setup of Rags to Riches

Unusually the reels stretch to cover almost the entire screen for this game – leaving no room for any background graphics. Above you will see the logo, with the progressive jackpot amount to the left and messages to the right.

Graphics on the reels are quite detailed, each sitting on a square with a glowing shaded background. The contrast in colors and designs highlights the big contrast between the rags and riches angles. There are some nice small details, for example the steaming soup and smoking cigar. There are no animations on the reels, save for flashing yellow boxes when you make winning combinations.

The break out bonus game features very good graphics and animations. With the sports car and yacht sections worth looking out for.

Rags to Riches is a 20 line video slot, as usual with Amaya titles you are free to reduce the number of win lines if you wish. The minimum coin size is 5c; meaning $1 is the minimum spin amount for all the lines. As well as the usual ‘bet max’ button there is one for ‘win patterns’ which shows visually scrolls through the different win-line combinations.

Overall Experience

For me the big draw for this game is the jackpot and outsize payout potential. The game itself is fairly ordinary, albeit with a nicely designed theme. The break out bonus is a highlight, with the added strategy choice of whether you collect or continue through the 3 sections.

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