Quest of Kings Slot Machine

This 5 reel video slot takes you back to the age of valiant knights and princesses. It is at the older end of the video slots range, with a slower spin and slightly dated feel to the graphics.

You’ll still find this to be an engaging game, with 2 separate bonus features in addition to the usual wilds and scatters. I wonder how many readers will agree that there is something not quite right about the way the princess icon winks when involved in a win!

How to Win on Quest of Kings

There are 25 win lines available for this game and some generous payouts if you line up the top symbols from the left. Best of all is the princess, which is also the substitute symbol – creating wins with all of the regular symbols, though not the bonus and scatters. Line up 5 of these across the reels and you’ll win 8000 coins, with 1000 for 4, 200 for 3 and 10 coins for just 2 from the left.

An ornate crown comes next at 1000 coins for 5. This also pays all the way down to 2, though the remaining symbols all need at least 3 to trigger a win. A glowing sword (500), scroll (500) and playing card symbols make up the rest of the wins.

Quest of Kings Bonus Games

Two more symbols have roles in the bonus games. These are the rose and the knight.

Roses are scatter symbols and can appear on any of the 5 reels. You’ll win a prize depending on how many in total are in view, regardless of whether they appear on a win line or not. These prizes are all given as a multiple of your total bet for that spin. If you get 5 roses you will win 100 times your bet, with 15 times this bet for 4, 5x for 3 and 2x for just 2.

In addition to the scatter prize, 3 or more roses take you to a second screen bonus game where you have to rescue the princess from a tower. You stand behind a rather big built knight, and see 5 identical towers across the screen in front of you. You then have 3 picks with which to find as many princesses as possible. When you click a door will open at the top, and either a princess or the court jester will appear. When a princess appears, the prizes are larger and the knight will offer a rose and then turn towards you and give a thumbs-up sign. The jesters have a small consolation prize.

Knight symbols appear on reels 3, 4 and 5 only. These trigger an on-reel feature when all 3 of them land by turning into extra wild (princess) symbols. Your extra wins are then calculated again, and if you are lucky these will link up with other wild symbols to make for some big payouts.

Design and Setup of Quest of Kings

The setting for this slot looks like the window of a castle looking out onto a lake – with snow-capped mountains in the background. While the logo above the reels is detailed (involving a sword), the reels themselves are a plain white – and mostly filled with playing card symbols. Some of the symbols are nicely drawn, including the princess, knight and crown. When you win with the princess she becomes animated and winks at you. The knight will produce a rose when all 3 land (before turning in to the princess symbol). The rose symbol also has an animation, which looks like it is shedding water in 100’s of tiny drops.

When you hit the second screen bonus, the animation becomes a lot more detailed. The knight is especially good. Sound effects are not a strong point for this slot, mostly just whirrs and clicks – with the occasional computer generated ‘regal’ type trumpet tune.

You can adjust the default 25 lines as you wish, and bet from just 1c per line and up. I recommend keeping the full amount of lines, as these maximize your potential wins during the extra wilds feature triggered by the 3 knights.

Overall Experience

This is a solid enough slot, and it is always good to see a game which breaks away from the over-used free spins bonus round concept. Having said that, neither of the two bonus games will hold your interest for too long – though of course those extra wins are always welcome. I like the potential for a big prize from regular play, and cannot fault this game for overall solid game play.

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