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Shortly after the first merchant cast his lines from the dock, the first pirates took off in pursuit of plunder and booty. Largely thanks to the efforts of Hollywood, most of us think about the Golden Age of Piracy when we conjure up mental images of swashbuckling pirates. While piracy is older than antiquity and the practice continues to this day, the Golden Age of Piracy encompassed a brief period between 1650 and 1730. Pirate Plunder, from the talented team at Cadillac Jack & Amaya caught the essence of the era to perfection in this fast moving, engaging, and fun slot machine play. For players who love pirates, or just enjoy a pirate-themed chance to win at slots, Pirate Plunder should be on the top of any gamers’ list.

Game Play on Pirate Plunder

Pirate Plunder slots let players join the crew of an intrepid pirate crew as it sets forth to scour the Seven Seas of plunder and booty. Stirring music greets the player as they take their spin, which lends a sense of urgency to game play as they search for bonus options. A standard 5-reel, 20 payline slot game, Pirate Plunder is festooned with such iconic pirate accessories as hooked limbs, parrots, tall sailing ships, deserted islands, and a plethora of bandanas, eye-patches, pegged legs, and more. In short, if it can be identified with a pirate motif, it will in all likelihood appear on one of the reels and payout lines found in Pirate Plunder. Ideal for play at home action, would-be pirates can take their game on the road with the latest Android or iOS mobile devices.

With spins as low as .15 coins, it is easy to afford play and a long lasting game. For players looking to gain their “sea legs” prior to investing any actual money Pirate Plunder is available for free play to help gamers learn the rhythm and rhythms’ of the game in a non-stress environment before committing to real money play.

Bonus Rounds and High Payouts

Slots are always a lot more fun when there are real-money bonuses being offered, and Pirate Plunder offers frequent opportunities to indulge that pleasure. Enter the Pirate Ship bonus whenever 3, 4, or 5 ships appear on any available payline, or explore for distant treasure on distant islands when three Treasure Maps materialize on the 2, 3, and 4th reels. Dig for treasure and locate the Captain’s parrot secreted in one of the located treasure chest for a chance to win even more. Choose a pirate ship and find the bonus prize contained within, which can equal up to 450 times the amount in your betting line. Capture the jackpot and add no less than 90,000 credits to your pirate’s retirement fund when playing Pirate Plunder.

Fun Game on the High Seas

While one might complain of the simplistic graphics available on Pirate Plunder relative to some other titles available online, no one can dispute the unprecedented enjoyment that comes from playing this exciting, bonus-driven slot game. Adding a popular pirate motif to a generous bonus structure, and Cadillac Jack Slots Software has delivered an instant classic hit for fans of parrot-wielding, treasure finding, saber stabbing pirates in command of the high seas. It would be a mistake to pass this game by in hopes of finding a game with more bells and whistles because Cadillac Jack’s Pirate Plunder delivers classic slot gaming enjoyment.

Cadillac Jack Slots Software

Cadillac Jack is pushing the envelope in terms of the development and supply of innovative slot games that spans the global gaming industry from Las Vegas to Hong Kong and all points in between. Georgia-based Cadillac Jack’s 2012 acquisition by Amaya Gaming for $177 million raised the profile of Cadillac Jack’s brand, and they remain committed to supplying an array of gaming platform to the global gaming community. Pirate Plunder is just one example of a gaming company knowing what it is doing in the design and development of slot games that are intelligently thought out and aim to provide exciting play and superior payouts. From the casino floor to your living room table, finding and playing Cadillac Jack slots is easy and fun. Discover the adventures to be had when you strap on your eye patch and unsheathe your trusty saber in the search for pirate plunder and booty.

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