Jumping for Gold Slot from Amaya


Show Jumping is a much loved sport all around the world, the elegantly dressed riders and the magnificent horses working as a team to navigate their way around the course, clearing brilliantly designed fences. This Amaya designed slot is based around the sport of show jumping, featuring symbols such as the horse itself, gold, silver and bronze medals and the fences the horses have to jump over.

Jumping for Gold is a somewhat straightforward 3 reel slot, looking very much like a traditional slot machine, which will certainly appeal to fans of traditional fruit machines or one-armed bandits.

How to Win on Jumping for Gold

To land a win on Jumping for Gold you’ll simply need to match up three symbols in a row on the single win line. The golden horse symbol, found on top of a rosette is the one you’ll want to land above all others, as this is both the wild and the highest paying. If playing for the maximum 3 coins, you’ll win a mightily impressive 4,000 coins when hitting this symbol 3 times in a row. As the wild it will also substitute for any other symbol on the reels, earning many additional wins. For even more good news, every time you win with this symbol, you’ll find the win amount is doubled.

Next on the pay table are the gold, silver and bronze rosettes. Land them in that order on reels 1, 2 and 3 and you’ll pick up a nice payout of 900 coins. You’ll also land a win when you hit three golds in a row and the same goes for the silver and bronze medals too. In fact any combination of the three medals on the win line will also pay out a smaller winning prize.

You’ll also find three show jumping fences on the reels, each of these once again, labelled with gold, silver and bronze, the gold fence being three 3 bars high, the silver 2 high and the bronze fence being just 1 bar high. The highest payout comes when you land the gold, silver and bronze from left to right, with additional prizes for three of the individual fences in a row, while once again, a combination of the three will also pay out.

You can also win when landing a combination of the gold, silver and bronze medals and fences, with the highest payout coming when you land gold, silver and bronze in that particular order. Other wins come your way when the wild symbol appears on reel 3 with any one or any two symbols preceding it, while you’ll also find a small payout when you actually land 3 blanks on the reels – a small bonus for a very unlucky spin!

Design and Setup

The slot looks very much like a slot that you might have found in a casino at any time in the last 50 years, complete with the long handle to the side. The reels are found at the top of the layout, these with a white backing while the shadows of the reels suggest curvature, giving the game an authentic feel. The bottom of the screen shows an impressive image of a horse in action, mid jump with the rider holding the reins. This image is lit up by the sparkling gold design of the machine. The accompanying sound to each of spin is that of a horse galloping which really adds to the theme, transporting you to the inside of an impressive show jumping arena, while every win is greeted by a cheer of the crowd.

This Amaya designed slot has just one win line but you can choose to play for 1, 2 or 3 coins (I’d certainly recommend playing for the maximum 3 coins, as the top payout gives you most value this way). For each coin you play you’ll choose a coin value ranging from just 1c all the way through to $5 – changing this value also greeted with the galloping of the horse. Hitting ‘Bet Max’ will automatically spin the reels with 3 coins in play, while ‘same spin’ sees you spin again with the same set up as the previous one.

Overall Experience

Three reel slots are generally less expansive as their 5 reel counterparts, but Jumping for Gold does a good job of offering variety in play. Combinations of gold, silver and bronze medals and fences all create a slot where there are many ways to win, while the high paying horse wild symbol can certainly pay out big, especially with the added multiplier in place. For a quick play, straightforward slot, this might just be ideal.


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