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My guess is that pretty much everybody on the planet has played Jenga. However, if you are one of the small number of people who have never comes across the game, it features a tall tower made of small wooden blocks, and each player removes a block at a time and adds it to the top of the block – the loser is the player who causes the Jenga tower to fall! In this Amaya designed casino game you’ll find a very colorful Jenga tower made of a multitude of different colored blocks and match up layers with the same colors and you’ll win. However, the game also throws in magic blocks and bombs which really add some variety to the mix.

How to Win on the Jenga Slot

Your first wins are very straightforward ones, achieved by one single layer of the tower being made of three blocks of the same color. The light blue blocks are the ones you’ll really want, as they are the highest paying at 100 coins when landing a complete layer. The white and red blocks pay 50 and 25 respectively, while the symbols are completed by yellow, green, orange and purple blocks.

As well as the payout for the complete layers, any connecting blocks of the same color will also see you land a prize, this prize actually slightly larger than the standard payout for the layer of three. For example, a linked blue block will pay out 120 coins, on top of the 100 coins for the blue layer.

Every time you land a win, one of the three blocks from the winning layer will now disappear and a new block will appear at the top of the tower, giving the potential of additional wins, all for the cost of just one spin.

However this is not quite the end of it, even though the game is already a fine one. There are two additional block types which mix the game up nicely!

Magic Blocks – These blocks change from color to color much like a chameleon and will randomly transform the colors of surrounding blocks into one single color, giving added winning opportunities.

Layer Bombs – These blocks are black colored with either a red, green or yellow glow. When they appear on the tower, these bombs will destroy 2, 4 or 8 layers of the tower and see new symbols come into replace them.

When you play Jenga in real life, you certainly do not want the tower to fall. Here however, you certainly do want it to topple, as if it does, you’ll win a free game, which is always a nice bonus!

Design and Setup

It has to be said, that this game is nothing like your standard slot and it manages to push the boundaries of slot gaming. This game certainly looks impressive. When you hit the ‘play’ button, all 18 layers of the Jenga tower will fall into place, this happens with a very satisfying sound effect of wood hitting wood. The tower, which is normally a light brown color, is particularly eye catching with all the different colored blocks, while the win line indicators add further color to the scene. Graphically the game is even better when either the magic blocks or the layer bombs appear and you can’t help but get excited when the tower begins to wobble and you see a free game in sight. Alongside the game there is a gentle tune playing throughout which adds a nice amount of atmosphere to the slot.

In total there are 18 layers of the tower and all of these will be in play if playing the maximum 18 lines. However, you can choose to play just 9 lines, where you’ll still see the whole tower, with only the bottom 9 layers actually in play. The coin size per line ranges from just 5c all the way up to a particularly large $25, making for a game that will suit players of all levels of bankroll. You’ll also find a handy auto play option where you can the game running for up to 50 games at a time.

Overall Experience

If you want to play a ‘slot’ with a difference, Jenga is certainly the game for you. With eye catching visuals, this slot plays unlike any other you’ll find online and the entertainment value is high throughout. The highlight moments of the game are when the layer bombs appear, promising many more wins and when the tower eventually topples over, giving you great graphics and a nice free game too.

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