Jackpot Holiday Slot from Amaya


The majority of online slots have a similar set up where you’ll have the standard 5 reels and up to 50 pay lines starting on the left. Jackpot Holiday mixes this up completely however, with the game taking place on a 4×4 grid, where you’ll win horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

The symbols on show are a nice combination of holiday destinations including Italy, England, Holland and France, while you’ll also find a nice mix of the more traditional fruit symbols as well as the lucky 7’s at the game. To the right of the reels you’ll find a game map, where you’ll follow the travels of a train and a cruiser and when they reach their destination, entry to the bonus game is yours!

How to Win on Jackpot Holiday

To land a standard win here you’ll need to land three or four symbols in a row, whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The top paying symbol is the red backed jackpot symbol, worth an impressive 2,500 coins for landing 4 in a row. The Italian symbol shows the leaning tower of Pisa and pays a maximum of 1,000 coins, the France symbols shows the Eiffel Tower and pays 750 coins, the England symbol shows Big Ben and pays 625 coins, while the Holland symbol shows a windmill and pays 500 coins.

Next on the pay table you’ll find three traditional 7 symbols, these coming in red, green and blue, while also paying out for landing a combination of these 7s. Bananas, oranges, apples, plums and cherries complete the range of standard symbols at the game, the cherries actually paying out when you hit just 1 or 2.

The 7s also act as a scatter symbol. If you can land five or more anywhere across the reels (or should I say grid), you’ll win a payout, starting at a minimum of just 2 coins, rising to the equal top payout of the slot of 2,500 coins if 12 or more appear.

Jackpot Holiday Slot Bonus Features

To the right of the reels you’ll find a map of Europe. Across land you’ll find a train track with ten different locations and in the sea you’ll also find a trail with ten different locations. Every time you land a train or a cruiser on the reels, you’ll move one space along the trail/track and when you eventually reach your destination after hitting 10 symbols you’ll enter the following bonus features.

Cruiser Bonus Feature – You’ll see a holiday pamphlet and make a choice on each page. Your first two choices are the destination and the activities and you’ll win a credit amount for each, while your choice of tour package will reveal the multiplier for the bonus.

Train Bonus Feature – You’ll start by choosing either a seaside or a mountain destination, before an image of the train is revealed. You’ll now pick two of the carriages and each will reveal a prize, while you’ll also see the prizes attached to each of the other carriages.

Design and Setup

It has to be said that the design of the slot is completely unique. The actual layout of the reels/grid is somewhat small towards the left hand side of the screen, which makes way for the eye catching map to the right. Each country on the map is shown in a different color and the trails and tracks give you the feeling that you are playing some kind of board game. At the bottom of the screen you’ll find a passport which adds to the holiday feel even more.

There are a total of 10 pay lines at this Amaya designed slot, four horizontal, four vertical and two diagonals. This number is set, but you can choose your bet per line size from between 1 and 5, making for a maximum stake of 50 credits. You’ll actually choose your coin size before you even start playing; this is a choice between 10c, 25c and $1. Unusually, you’ll find two ways of spinning the reels/grid. First, the reel spin button will spin them in the usual way, while ‘random spin’ reveals the symbols one a time in a completely random order, this perhaps a more unique way of enjoying slot play.

Overall Experience

Jackpot Holiday is a slot that will certainly appeal to those who enjoy their casino gaming a little different, although it is certainly open to question whether this is really a slot at all. The gameplay is original throughout, while the added bonus rounds add to the overall experience and give a nice little payout when you finally reach your destination. This isn’t the best game you’ll play today, but for an entertaining and quick slot session, this might just be perfect.


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