The Italian Job Slot from Amaya

You can’t miss the references to the 1969 movie of the same name in this Amaya online slot. The only thing it really misses is Michael Caine’s voice-over saying ‘you were only supposed to blow the beedin’ doors off!’.

My first impression of this slot was that it would be lively, almost to the point of being too hectic. While the music and visuals can be described this way, there is not too much variety in the game play. There are 3 different bonus symbols (different colored minis), though these lead to the same bonus game – and no free spins or notable on-reel features. If you are a fan of the movie, then this slot is enjoyable enough to be worth taking for a spin.



How to Win on the Italian Job

Your biggest wins will come from lining up 5 of the red arrows which are the wild symbols. The full set of these is worth 2500 coins (keep in mind only 15 coins per spin). You’ll get 500 coins for 4 arrows, 100 for 3 20 for 2 and 2 coins for just a single wild in the left hand reel. This wild is slightly unusual in that it will only complete wins with the 2 biggest paying regular symbols. These are a detonator and hand, plus an old fashioned tape-to-tape machine. These are worth 1000 and 500 coins respectively for 5 and also pay all the way down to a single one in the left hand reel.

Other regular symbols are a cross between scenes from the movie and playing card symbols. These have ace down to 10 in the bottom right corner. My guess is that the designers wanted to use unique symbols – though at the time this game was created playing cards were considered the normal thing to use.

The Italian Job Slot Bonus Game

You will find 3 bonus symbols on the reels in the form of the blue, red and white minis. These frequently hit the reels – though will only trigger a bonus game when you hit 3 of them consecutively on a win line. This does not need to be from the left hand side like with the regular wins.

You then go to a second screen bonus game where you get to choose from blocks of gold. The gold bars are in the trunk of the mini and you click them one at a time to load them into the back of a van. Each block gives you a multiplier of your total bet, which accumulates in squares below the game. Eventually, you’ll hit a stack of gold bars which says ‘finish’ underneath. This ends the game, with your win calculated based on the multipliers earned so far.

Design and Setup of The Italian Job Slot

Compared to the limited scope of the game play, the design of this slot is very busy. The reels are located towards the right hand side of the screen, making way for many elements from the movie. You will see traffic lights, the tape machine, a bus hanging off of a mountain and union jack flag – along with the minis in different settings. There is a background track that might be Rome at rush hour, with the hum of traffic, sirens in the background and honking of horns.

As with many older Amaya slots, you will see the 9 win lines light up when you hit the spin button. You will also hear a lively organ tune when you hit a winning combination (even the 1 of a kind ones). There are some entertaining animations too. The van exploding is my personal favorite. The second screen bonus is fairly ordinary in design, you simply click on the blocks and they disappear.

You will not be able to change the 9 win lines for this game – though you can select from a wide range of coin sizes and play up to 10 of those coins per line. The smallest bet is 1c per line and the biggest $5 per line (at 10 per win line this would be a giant $450 per spin). There is a simple auto play option in addition to the usual bet-max.

Overall Experience

If you have fond memories of the original movie, then this slot is certainly worth taking for a spin. There are many references to the film, and the minis are nicely integrated into the game play too. From a game perspective there really is not too much going on. The single bonus game is not very interesting and there are no particular on-reel features to speak of. One for the die-hard fans only!

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