The Great Casini Slot from Amaya

This 5 reel online slot from Amaya tries to bring a little bit of magic to the reels.

It does this with a unique bonus game (the only second screen bonus that I know of which involves knife throwing!), a free spins round and two types of scatter wins too.

While overall this is an older video slot title, I found the action fast and smooth and the game play engaging.


How to Win on the Great Casini

When you win with a wild symbol (which substitutes for all the other regular symbols to create more wins) you will see a pair of hands manipulating a deck of cards. This is the highest paying symbol, worth 10,000 coins for hitting 5 of a kind. If you get 4 then you’ll win 1000 coins, with 100 for 3 and 25 for just 2. Keep in mind that you can spin for just 15 coins – making this a generous prize in proportion to your risk.

Next from the regular payouts are a cannon (presumably just after shooting a human cannonball) and an empty bird cage, each worth 1000 coins for 5 and paying out from 3 of a kind and up. A locked box and 3 metal cups with a ball are next at 500 coins for 5. Playing card symbols, made to look like artwork from posters of the time when Casini was active, make up the smaller wins.

Unusually, there are two different types of scatter symbol – with different payouts for multiples of the same ones and a mixture of the 2. Both show hands in white gloves performing different tricks. If you get 5 of one type, then you win 50 times your total spin amount. 4 are worth 20 times your bet, with 5 times that bet for 3. Hitting a mixture pays slightly less, with 5 paying 15x, 4x for 4 and 2x for 3.

The Great Casini Slot Bonus Games

There are two bonus games, one on the reels and one a second-screen bonus round. To trigger the knife throwing bonus, you need to hit 3 bonus symbols on reels 1, 2 and 3. You’ll see a red curtain open, revealing a lady in the middle of a giant circle. You have a first person perspective of Casini as he throws a knife. To do this you just need to click a ‘throw’ button. This lands on a circle on the board, which either reveals a Casini picture, or a coin amount. If you hit the Casini’s, you advance to a second level (with and extra throw on level 1) where the prizes are bigger. There are 3 levels in total.

If you hit the portrait of Casini on reels 1 and 5 you get a small free spins game. This is only 3 spins long, and nothing particularly changes about the game. The main difference is that your wins are now multiplied by 3 compared to the pay table. This brings the top prize to a generous 30,000 coins.

Design and Setup

The backdrop to the wheels are the red velvet curtains of the stake, with the action buttons made to look like the back of seats from the audience’s perspective. There is information about the bonus games on either side of the reels – which are smaller than on some other games to make room for this. The symbols are simple, though the coloring and animations are nicely done. These include small card trick type animations, as well as the usual flashing and lines when you hit wins. Unusually, each time you hit the spin button you will see all of the colored win-lines in the screen for a second or two.

Audio is nicely tied into the theme. There is a theatrical drumroll every time you hit spin and a round of applause when you hit the bonus games. The main bonus animation shows promise, though does not do much (there is no real knife throwing, just a circle going red and revealing a prize).

With a fixed 15 win lines, you only have your coin size (from 1c and up) and credits per line (up to 10) to adjust before hitting spin. You’ll find an auto play option and a bet max to play 10 credits per line.

Overall Experience

This is a solid enough game, with just about enough going on to keep you engaged while playing. The overall feel is a little dated, which is balanced by having extra scatters, a unique bonus game and reasonably frequent free spins.

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