Goooal! Slot from Amaya

Football (soccer) is a tough subject to translate into an online slot format. With Goooal! Amaya has created a fresh new approach to this, which can seem a little complex when you first play.

Behind the scoreboard and first / second half features is a 3 win-line slot with 5 reels. You even get to pick your team from either red or blue before you begin.

I’m not too sure that this slot manages to recreate the excitement of the ‘beautiful game’ – though it is an interesting change up from most online slot games.

How to Win on Goooal!

There are regular wins in this game. With only 3 win-lines you literally have to hit matching symbols in a row (each line goes directly from left to right across one of the rows of symbols). Fortunately the lack of opportunities to hit multiple wins is nicely made up for by having some good sized prizes available. All of the symbols are soccer players in action. Amaya has added numbers to each one in the bottom right corner. These have a role to play in the bonus game, though importantly they also allow you to see whether you hit a winning combination much easier. All of the prizes below are based on playing the maximum 5 credits per line.

Top prizes of 5000 coins come from lining up 5 of the ‘number 4’ symbols, which are either the blue or red players doing an overhead kick. This is for the same team, the blues and reds do not mix! You will get 525 coins for 4 of these from the left, 125 for 3, 25 for 2 and a 10 coin consolation prize for just 1. All of the other symbols do require a minimum of 3 to trigger a prize.

Number 3 symbols (a goalie saving) are worth 3750 coins for 5, number 2 (player heading the ball) gets you 2500 coins for 5 and  number 1 (what could be a flying kick or particularly aggressive tackle) is worth 1250 for 5.

There is a wild symbol, which is the ‘Goooal!’ picture (a ball in the net), this only appears in the 5th reel – and makes any 4 of a kind win into a 5-of-a-kind.

Goooal! Slot Bonus Games

This is where things get a little complicated. In my opinion the level of complexity for the first and second half bonus games is unnecessary and takes away from the enjoyment of the game rather than adding to it.

When you first start playing, you get to choose from the red or blue team. The first part of the bonus is a race to score 3 goals. Each time that you hit a goal symbol in reel 5, the ‘points’ from the symbol in reel 4 get added to the table for either the red or the blue team. Once the 3rd goal is scored, the points your team accumulated get multiplied by the coins played. You can switch teams right up until the 3rd goal is scored (this is worth doing if the other team has more points).

Once you hit 3 goals you’ll go to the 2nd half bonus game. This is a second screen bonus, where you’ll get to pick from a lot of footballs scattered around a pitch. The idea is to try and hit more goals for your team with these. If you succeed (kick more goals) then your prize / points combination from the first half gets doubled.

Design and Setup for Goooal!

Reels are set in a goal mouth with a crowd behind, and they spin in a strange way – appearing one after the other. Above the goal is the score card for the bonus game, and below both the standard  slot controls and a place on the bottom right where you get to switch between the red and the blue teams. It is a good thing that numbers are on the reels, as it is fairly hard to quickly spot when matching symbols land otherwise (at least to the extent that you do not easily get that slight feeling on anticipation on seeing 4 of a kind and wondering whether this will turn into a 5 of a kind win).

There is a slightly sci-fi humming sound when the reels spin, and music kicks in for any wins along with another computer sound of the credits being awarded. The artwork for the symbol is not massively detailed – though they do manage to bring the action of the soccer game to life.

With just 3 win-lines, the setup of this slot is unusual. You choose your coin size while the game loads, and then can bet between 3 and 15 coins overall (up to 5 per line). The number of coins you play is significant for your multiplier in the bonus game. I did not see an auto-play option for this game.

Overall Experience

In short, the quest for a slot which really manages to crack the soccer niche must carry on. This is an interesting attempt which breaks out of the usual slot game play. For me the 3 win lines + overly complex bonus game mix did not quite work – check out Goooal! for yourself and see what you think.


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