Fumi’s Fortune Slot from Amaya


Everything about this slot suggests that it is based on a Japanize game show. I was unable to find one online using the name – so maybe this is just the general theme!

What I will say is this is a very lively slot. From the bright (neon) type colors, to the crazy music playing while you spin this is an all-round intensive experience.

Fumi’s Fortune is a somewhat retro design, and the features are limited to a single (retriggerable) free spins bonus round. When you hit this feature, things go up an extra intensity level – more on that below!

How to Win on Fumi’s Fortune

Prizes come fairly regularly during the standard spins, which makes up for the fact that there is no stand out big prize. The gameshow host type character, with a purple suit and glasses is the highest paying of the regular symbols. He will pay 1000 coins for 5 on a win-line, 500 for 4 and 50 for just 3.

This prize level (1000 for 5) is shared by the wild symbol (which is a crazy looking green and orange design and only reads ‘wild’ if you focus on it for a while). Wilds substitute for any of the other symbols except the scatter. Since the bonus game is randomly triggered, there are no bonus symbols in this game.

The hostess comes next in the prize list; she has a big smile and a yellow dress. Lining up 5 on a pay line will net you 750 coins, with 250 for 4 and 20 for 3. Both of the hosts together in a very strange design is next (750 coins for 5) – with another abstract design and neon-lit playing card symbols ace down to nine making up the smaller wins.

Fumi’s Fortune logos are scatter symbols, the wins are multiplied by your total bet amount and not your coin amount like the regular wins. Scatters are also not tied to any of the win lines, instead paying for any in view. 5 will get you 50 times your total bet, 10x for 4, 5x for 3 and 2x for just 2 on the reels.

Fumi’s Fortune Free Spins Bonus Round

You’ll get a bonus feature of 8 free spins at random while playing this slot. What happens is that small avatars of your hosts come down from the top of the screen and start dancing in front of the reels while a graphic tells you that you won 8 free spins.

Things get really crazy while your spins are going on. The two avatars are part of the action. They run around in front of the reels, stop and dance and Fumi even does a ‘360’ running around the inside of the frame for the reels. Music goes up an intensity level too, which really does bring an already intense slot completely to life.

During the free slot games, one of the characters becomes wild – which helps to create a lot more wins. Those wins are totaled in a new box which appears on the top left of the reels. By lining up the two characters and the ‘bubble’ symbol with them both on, you will trigger more free spins – this can potentially happen multiple times.

Design and Setup for Fumi’s Fortunes

Think purples and neon signs and you have the basics of the design already! This slot is bold and bright, and does not miss any chances to make things look lively or crowded. Music helps to liven things up. This does not sound particularly Japanize to my ears, though is certainly the type of music you would associate with a TV game show. Like many slightly older Amaya slots, the reels take a little longer to spin than on games from other slot software providers.

There are animations on the reels, again flashing and bold colors are the idea. Compared to the animations for regular wins, the bonus game avatars really take things up a level. I recommend taking this slot for a spin just to see them.

Underneath all the neon, this slot is a standard 5 by 3 setup with 25 (configurable) win lines. You can spin from just 1c per line, and there is an auto-play (also configurable) and bet max button available for you to use.

Overall Experience

For the first few spins, I will admit not being impressed by Fumi’s Fortunes. After the bonus game kicked in, I was converted into a fan. This game somehow manages to capture the craziness of a Japanize game show with the 3D avatars. This bonus round is a reason to play on its own – check out Amaya’s Fumi’s Fortune for yourself soon!


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