Fruit Party Slot from Amaya

This slot is fast, old-school and – as the name suggests – features a whole lot of fruit.

You will not only find the usual fruits featured on slot machines here, there are also fruits flavoring cocktails on a moonlit and sun-drenched beach – and a bonus round where you’ll get to pick from a table laden with more fruit.

If you are expecting a cutting edge slot experience, then Amaya’s Fruit Party might not be for you. If you enjoy solid (and quick) game play, and that traditional slot feel – then Fruit Party could be just right!

How to Win on Fruit Party

There are 9 win lines on this slot, which means the wins can be huge in comparison to the price of each spin. All of the wins I describe below are based on the ‘bet max’ option of 5 credits for each of the 9 lines.

Wild symbols, which are the cocktail in a coconut with a pink umbrella, are the highest paying of all. Line up 5 of these and you’ll get a huge 25000 coins. There are also 4000 coins for 4, 800 coins for 3, 75 coins for 2 and 10 coins for just a single one on the left hand wheel. Unlike on other slots, the wild does not substitute for all of the other symbols, only the other two cocktails.

Those cocktails are the 2nd and 3rd best paying symbols. The one with the sunset behind is worth 8000 coins for 5, with the moonlit one 4000 coins. Next on the pay table come 5 traditional slot machine fruits. These are cherries (2500 for 5), oranges (1500), grapes (1000), melons (500) and lemons (300). Unlike the 3 cocktails, which all pay from 1 of a kind, you’ll need at least 3 of the fruits to trigger a prize.

Fruit Party Bonus Games

There are 3 more symbols, each of which is involved in the bonus features.

First there are mystery and party scatters. If you hit 3 of these on adjacent reels (though not necessarily from the left) then you will win a random prize of between 1 and 2700 coins.

Separately there is a pile of fruit with the word ‘bonus’ in bold red letters on it. This takes you to the second screen bonus feature. Where you will pick from items spread out in a circle around a table. These are bigger versions of the symbols on the reels (including the drinks) and each one you choose will come with a multiplier that adds to your win. You keep on picking, and will see your multiplier increase in a box on the bottom right. Eventually, you will hit a symbol which says ‘collect’ which is the end of the bonus game. If you activate this bonus with 3x then you get a 1x multiplier on your overall win. With 4 of the bonus symbols this is doubled, and with all 5 your win is tripled.

Design and Setup of Fruit Party

This slot may be fast, colorful and bold – however it will not be winning any awards for the design. Think functional, with white background for the reels, basic and blocky drawings for the fruits and little or no animations (unless you count the flashing boxes and lines around wins for this). While this slot was designed long before mobile phones where capable of hosting these games – the design and setup does look like it would work well on a mobile device.

Sounds are retro and computer generated, with the odd click and whirr to remind you of the days when these slots had a mechanical basis.

With 9 win-lines, the setup is simple too. You can keep hitting the ‘bet nine’ button to increase by 1 credit per line each time, and then hit ‘same spin’ when you are happy with your balance of credit size and number of credits per line. To play 5 per line then just hit the ‘bet max’ button. There is a smart display above the control buttons showing your overall credits, lines and bet size – as well as your prize for the last bet.

Overall Experience

I liked this slot more than I expected to based on the age and overall look. The speed is a big plus, though of course the big sized top prize (for lining up 5 of the wild symbols) is another great reason to play. The random scatters also add a welcome chance element to the game-play.

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