Forrest Gump Slot from Amaya

Forrest Gump was a huge success as a movie – winning 6 Oscars in 1995 after becoming the highest grossing movie of 1994. This story has now been turned into an online slot by Amaya.

You’ll see a lot of the iconic imagery from the movie on the reels, including the view of a bench with Forrest sat on it, and table tennis bats. It is not just the movie tie-in which will give you a reason to play this game.

Forrest Gump offers 2 second screen bonus games (a football themed one and a box of chocolates game), wild and scatter symbols, plus a progressive jackpot that can be won at random.

How to Win on Forrest Gump

One thing that stuck me playing this game is the frequent smaller wins. There are a lot of 3 of a kind payouts (the wilds on the center reels help). You will still have the chance of winning big though – with 5 of the Forrest symbols netting you 5000 coins (500 for 4, 50 for 3 and 5 for just 2). This is a reasonably generous payout for a 25 line game, and is much bigger than the next highest regular prizes.

These are topped by the hippy type woman, 5 of these get you 500 coins, with 50 for 4, 25 for 3 and 2 coins for just 2. The guy and the house come next at 200 coins for 5, then the football at 150 coins. The army helmet, table tennis bats and ball and the brown cap make up the smaller wins.

You can win a large payout from the scatter symbols, which are represented by the box of chocolates. These are not tied to a win-line, instead paying out depending on how many appear anywhere on the screen. With all 5 visible you will win 200 times your total spin amount. This is 15x for 4, 5x for 3 and 2x your total bet for just 2. 3+ of these will also start the ‘box of chocolates’ bonus game.

The final symbol is the Forrest on a bench iconic image. This only appears on the middle 3 reels, and substitutes for any of the regular symbols (with the exception of the scatters). I found these appear reasonably frequently, helping to make up a lot of smaller wins.

Forrest Gump Slot Bonus Rounds

Hitting 3 of the chocolate symbols will trigger the first second screen bonus game – after you get a quote from the movie about life being like a box of chocolates. You will start off with 5 ‘rounds’ and then see a 3×3 grid of closed chocolate boxes where you will choose which to open. When you each box, you will either get an additional number of rounds, or see the word ‘start’.

You then go to yet another screen, this one showing the inside of a box with a pay-table to the left hand side. This works like a mini-slot, paying out depending on which types of chocolate you hit 3+ of, these wins are based on your original bet size (starting at 2x and going to 50x), so it is possible to accumulate some decent sized wins here.

The second break out bonus is even more spectacular. This is triggered by hitting 3+ of the football symbols from the left. You’ll take a first person perspective of Forrest as he attempts to get to the end of a football field. For every 10 yards he makes (dodging opponents by moving from left to right), you’ll grow your prize. If you can get Forrest all the way to the end-zone, then you’ll get an extra bonus on top.

Finally, there is a jackpot – the biggest of these can be seen above the reels to the left and is the ‘blockbuster’ jackpot. These are triggered at random, the symbols on the reels are unrelated to this game. The bigger your stake, the better chance you have of scooping one of the jackpot prizes.

Design and Setup

Overall, this slot does feel older than many titles – with smart but plain symbols and a white background to the reels. Around the reels are flowers, with a suburban scene in the background. You’ll find all many familiar symbols on the reels, which include a multi-colored ‘peace’ sign. While unmistakably a Forrest Gump slot, this tie-in is not in your face the whole time like many other movie slots – striking a nice balance.

Other than the occasional sound clip type quote from the movie, most of the sounds are the standard Amaya library of beeps and mechanical sounding clicks.

The setup is as standard as they come. There are 25 win-lines (which are adjustable), coin sizes from 1c and up and a bet max and auto play option too.

Overall Experience

Not the most immersive of movie tie-in slots, though this Amaya slot does manage to take some of the iconic movie sequences and put them into game format. Both of the second screen bonus games are worth seeing, with the football bonus the best of the two. Having a shot at a jackpot is also very welcome, even it is detached from what is happening on the reels.

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