Fancashtic Slot from Amaya

Most slots fit neatly into the 3 reel slot or 5 reel video slot categories.  Fancashtic from Amaya is a hybrid game which has elements of both types – and is played on a 4 by 4 grid. All the action is on one screen, including the pay table and bonus games. At the same time there are multiple win-lines, which go from top to bottom as well as from left to right.

Once you start to play this game it all fits quickly into place. With a 12500 coin top prize, you’ll find that you could walk away from this game with a big pile of cash too!

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  • How to Win on Fancashtic

    While this slot is loading, you’ll have the opportunity to decide on your coin size. Once you see the game, the main choice is how many coins to bet per line. I have assumed that you pick the maximum 5 for all of the prizes below. The 10 win-lines (which go left to right, top to bottom and over the 2 diagonals) are fixed for this game.

    The biggest prize comes from landing 4 of the piles of banknotes. This is worth 12500 coins (based on 5 coins per line), with 2500 for just 3. Most of the symbols only have prizes for 4 or 3 of a kind, with the exception of the cherries. Next in the prize list comes the cash in a money clip, worth 1000 coins for 5. The diamonds (3750), rings (3125) and piles of money (2500 for 5) come next.

    Sevens have two different ways of triggering wins. First, you will get a prize for lining up 3 or 4 of a kind on the win-lines. These start at 1875 for the golden ones, going down to 125 for any 4 mixed. At the same time, 7’s also pay out a scatter prize based on how many are in view all together. This starts at 10 coins for 5, and goes all the way up to 12500 coins for 12 and up.

    Cherries are the final regular symbol, you’ll get 150 coins for 4, 30 for 3, 20 for 1 and 10 coins for just one.

    Fancashtic Slot Bonus Feature

    There is a progressive bonus feature available on Fancashtic, which is visible the entire time to the right of the reels. There are two stars with ‘cash 1’ and ‘cash 2’ written in them, and 9 numbers above each. At the top of the line of numbers is a tray with money on it, and an amount in coins.

    As you play you will see special symbols with either cash 1 or cash 2 written on them. Each time you hit one, a number changes color and you move up towards the bonus. As you hit the 10th of either type you scoop whatever amount is at the top.

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    Design and Setup of Fancashtic

    With so much information on a single screen, this slot does look crowded when you first see it. This is enhanced by the flashing pay table (which alternates between payouts for 3 and 4 symbols by constantly flashing)and the light moving through the logo at the top of the reels.

    Graphics are a little blocky and retro, though this might have been a design choice based on the overall game play and feel of the slot. There are no animations on the symbols when you win, just more flashing (this time with lines repeatedly showing each win).

    An extra feature is that you can switch the way the symbols land. The default is reels, where they spin just like any slot. The alternate is ‘random’. This makes each of the symbols spin independently and come to a stop in a random order. For me this felt too crazy, and I quickly reverted back to the standard spins.

    The unusual win-line setup is very easy to follow, and it only took me a few spins before this felt natural.

    Overall Experience

    It is hard to find a good slot which uses a non-standard setup, and I felt that Fancashtic did a great job of this. While the feel and game play is a little dated, it did manage to capture the essence of a solid slot game – and be different enough to keep the player engaged. The cash bonus ladders is a nice touch, and the chance of a big 12500 coin win is always there.