Enchanted Beans Slot from Amaya


This 30 reel video slot is based on the children’s tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. In that story Jack purchases magic beans which grow into a giant plant that takes him to a Kingdom in the clouds. You’ll find those beans on the reels, along with many other symbols from the original tale. While this is not exactly a multi-featured slot – there is an innovative bonus feature in which beanstalks cover two entire reels.

How to Win on Enchanted Beans

The biggest regular prize on this game is for lining up 5 of the castle in the clouds symbols. These pay 5000 coins for 5 on a win line, with 1000 for 4, 100 for 3 and a consolation prize of 5 coins for just 2 from the left hand side. Next comes a golden harp, which looks like it is being played by a fairy. 5 of these will pay 1000 coins, with 150 coins for 4, 30 for 3 and 3 coins for just 2. There are two more regular symbols on this Amaya slot – a lily and some old coins. Playing cards make up many of the smaller wins.

Scatter symbols are 3 brightly colored enchanted beans. These look more like jelly beans than something you would plant, and come to life when involved in a win. Beans are not tied to a win-line and will pay out for the total number in view on the 5 by 3 grid. The top prize is 100x your total bet amount for 5. You can also win 20x your bet for 4, 5x for 3 and 1x your bet for just 2 in view.

The remaining symbol is a boy – presumably named Jack! This has two roles. First of all, this is the wild symbol, which substitutes for any of the regular symbols (though not the scatters) to create extra wins. Wilds often mean you’ll win on multiple lines at the same time, depending on how they land. This symbol also triggers the respins bonus feature when it lands on reels 2 and 4 at the same time.

Enchanted Beans Respin Bonus Feature

When the boy symbols hit reels 2 and 4 at the same time you will see an animation where the beans fall down and thick leafy beanstalks spring up to cover all 3 of the rows on each reel. These are now completely wild reels, which means you’ll trigger a lot more wins compared to regular play.

You then get a resin; which means the reels spin again and new wins are calculated. You need to click ‘continue’ (the same as the spin button) each time to keep this moving. The respins will continue, and wins keep accumulating, until you find a golden axe in the 3rd reel. At this point, the beanstalks are chopped down and the bonus game ends.

The two wild reels make a big difference to your potential for wins during this feature, which more than makes up for the relatively short duration most times.

Design and Setup of the Enchanted Beans Slot

Compared to many Amaya slots, the design of this game is very good. The reels are set on a magic scroll, which unreels itself from the center of the screen the first time you play. In the background to the right of the reels you can see the towering and very green beanstalk. While the animations are not spectacular, they do add some liveliness to the game. Examples include clouds moving over the castle and those jumping beans. Animations for the respin bonus are much better, with the reels coming to life as the beanstalks grow up on reels 2 and 4.

A minor gripe is that the reels take a little too long to spin compared to many slot games. The sounds are also very much generic clicks, beeps and whirrs – adding little to the theme.

This slot has 30 win lines, though you are able to choose how many of these you play each time. You can also choose your coin size per line, from 1c and up, making 30c the minimum spin amount for all of the lines. You’ll find the standard auto-play and bet max options too.

Overall Experience

This is an enjoyable slot, and better than many in the Amaya range. With only the single feature plus the usual wild and scatter symbols, this is not the most varied of games. Fortunately you will find the respin feature can result in some big payouts – especially those times you hit some other wilds to go with your 2 wild reels. Check out Enchanted Beans for yourself soon!

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