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This is not a recent title in the Amaya slots range – though Dragon’s Sword does have some good reasons to look beyond the plain graphics and somewhat slow game play. The theme is a fantasy land where armor clad knights battle dragons, with sound effects to match. There are two bonus features, a free spins round and a separate pick-em game where you’ll get to slay the dragon at the end.

How to Win on Dragon’s Sword

This game has 20 win-lines and a top prize of 6000 coins from regular play. This is won by lining up 5 of the knight symbols. 4 of these from the left will net you 1500 coins, with 120 coins for 3 and 15 for 2. Knights are also the wild symbol, and as usual substitute for the regular symbols – though not the sword scatters. One more feature of these symbols is that they trigger the second screen bonus game when you hit them on reel 1 and 5 at the same time.

Next on the pay table comes the head of a very orange dragon, which is worth 1000 coins for 5 of a kind and also pays down to 2 from the left. A very strange looking symbol comes next, this could be a green eyed demon, or it could be a doorway into the dragon’s lair – I will let you decide! After this there is a treasure chest, a flaming torch and then the playing card symbols ace down to nine which make up the smaller wins.

Swords are scatter symbols, though they behave slightly differently to scatters on most online slots. Instead of the total number in view, it is the total number on consecutive reels from the left which counts. 5 of the swords will get you a generous 100x your total bet. You will also get 15x for 4, 5x for 3 and 1x your bet for just 2 from the left. 3 or more will also trigger the free spins feature.

Dragon’s Sword Features

When you hit the knight on the first and fifth reels, you get to enter the dragon’s cave. There is a huge dragon on a pile of gold, which moves and breathes fire. In front of it you will see 6 chests, and the back of the knight who stands in the foreground. You get to choose 3 of these chests, which open to reveal your prize in coins. Once you have opened 3, the knight will walk forward and enter into a quick battle with the dragon – which he wins.

Free spins are played on the regular reels, and unfortunately there are no multipliers or different features which occur. You’ll hear some stirring music, and your wins will be totaled while you play. It is possible to retrigger with 3 of the sword scatters from the left.

Design and Setup of Dragon’s Sword

This slot does look dated. The reels have a plain white background and the symbols are extremely basic / plain. The castle and dragon to the left side of the reels look like some kind of illustration from a child’s book. There are some animations on the reels, though again these will not have been considered good during the last 10 years! This slot is mostly silent while you play, though the occasional battle cry, clang of a sword or movie-type tune breaks the silence. The reels have a mechanical feel, including the small upwards movement before they spin each time.

Setup-wise, you’ll find a familiar 5 by 3 grid and 25 win lines crossing from left to right. You can change the number of win-lines, as well as the amount to bet per line from 1c and up. The range of bets for all the lines is from 25c though to a huge $500. Auto-play and bet max options are also provided.

Overall Experience

While this game does have solid game-play and 2 different features, it is very much in the ‘back catalog’ category when it comes to Amaya slots. There are already more up to date slots based on the fantasy theme, including Draco’s Fire and Fantasy Realm. With 6000 coin wins possible from regular play, and a pick-em game which lets you slay the dragon at the end – there are still some good reasons to take Dragon’s Sword for a spin. Check it out for yourself today.

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