Cubis Slot from Amaya

If you want to play an online slot with a great deal of originality, Cubis might just be the game for you. Although whether you can actually call this a slot is certainly open to question, as the game plays much more like an arcade game or an app, with absolutely no reels in sight! The game is played underwater on a three dimensional cube, although the cube is open plan, so you’ll see just the base and two sides. Hitting play sees different colored cubes fall onto the game, filling both the floor and the two walls, each win line going through two of the three faces of the cube, making for win lines that are 10 symbols long.

How to Win on Cubis

It might seem a little strange to look at the pay table and see the fact that each of the symbols pays out for up to ten in a row, but the rewards are certainly there. In fact, you’ll win a prize by landing four or more of any the colored symbols in a row. The diamond colored cubes are the highest paying, worth a very impressive 4,000 coins if you land ten in a row. The green and blue cubes pay 3,000 and 2,500 coins as the top prize, while the purple, red, orange and yellow cubes complete the line-up.

However, landing a win isn’t the end of it, as any winning cubes will now disappear and be replaced by the cubes from above falling into their place, while new cubes will appear at the top. As long as you keep winning, the cubes will continue to disappear and all of the wins will come at the cost of just one spin.

Wilds and Bonuses

Just like any other slot game, there are added bonuses when playing Cubis. The first of these is the wild symbol, which appears much like a die, which features multipliers instead of numbers. These wilds will substitute for any other colored cubes and any wins which are gained using the wild will be the subject of the multiplier on show, this being either 1x, 2x or 4x.

This isn’t the end of it when it comes to bonuses however. There are three other cube symbols on the reels, each which has its own power.

Line Bomb – This symbol looks like a flame inside a purple sphere. When this lands, it will shoot balls of fire out at 90 degree angles to the symbol, destroying everything in line with it in any direction. The destroyed cubes are replaced, offering the opportunity for more wins.

Square Bomb – When this symbol lands it will destroy all 25 symbols on the same face. These destroyed symbols will once again be replaced, giving the chance for more wins.

Nuclear Bomb – This symbol is the most exciting of all as it will destroy every symbol of the game completely, meaning that a whole new set of symbols will appear. This effectively means that you have been given a free spin.

Design and Setup

This slot is one of the most striking you’ll find online. The underwater setting gives it something of a surreal air already, but the three dimensional cube filled with seventy five brightly colored smaller cubes is a sight to behold. The visuals improve even more when the symbols start exploding. There’s little wonder that a yellow and blue fish swims to the side of the reels, its eyes wide staring at the action! The accompanying sound works perfectly too. The stacking of the cubes gives a very satisfying sound effect, while an ambient underwater sound greets the rest of the game.

Each of the three faces is designed in a 5×5 grid, with each pay line moving through two of the three faces of the cube. There are a total of 15 pay lines in all, although you can opt to play any number between 1 and 15.  You’ll also choose the coin value per line, this ranging from just 1c, all the way through to $20, making for a game that will certainly appeal to both the recreational player and the more serious slot enthusiasts. The ‘win patterns’ button will highlight each of the 15 pay lines, while the auto play allows you to set the number of spins manually and also make use of the ‘advanced’ option where you can set auto play rules.

Overall Experience

Amaya has designed a game here that is a nice crossover between a slot and an app such as Bejeweled or Candy Crush. The standard gameplay is interesting enough in itself, but when the wild and the bomb bonus symbols appear the game takes on a whole new level of excitement, not to mention the added wins that will come your way when the symbols explode. For something a little different, the Cubis slot is certainly recommended.

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