Cash Grab Slot from Amaya

Cash grab is a straightforward three reel slot from Amaya Gaming. The game centers around a character called Lou, a man who is dressed like an office worker, with the addition of a brown cap.

He looks a little eager to get started as his arms are stretched out. His tongue is also very prominent, lolling out of his mouth. However, it looks like Lou is something of a big shot too, as his face features on the currency of the game.

This 3 reel slot has just the one pay line, but land Lou three times in a row and your bankroll will receive a huge boost.


How to Win on Cash Grab

The pay table is displayed to the right of the reels at this Amaya designed slot and it clearly shows that Lou is the symbol you’ll want to land more than any other. If playing for 2 coins, landing Lou three times in a row will see 1,600 coins coming your way. However, there is a big additional bonus in the fact that Lou is also the wild symbol and will substitute for any other symbol on the reels. You want more good news? If you use just one Lou symbol as a substitute, you’ll find that the win amount is multiplied by 2. However, if Lou is used twice as a substitute your win is multiplied by 4.

A wad of cash pays 160 coins for three in a row, while a series of three different colored diamonds are next on the pay table. The purple diamond pays out 80 coins, the classic diamond worth 50 coins, while the orange diamond pays 20 coins. As an added bonus, if you can land a combination of the three diamonds on the pay line, you’ll also pocket 10 coins.

The final symbol is the silver coin. This is not the kind of coin that you’ll want to play heads and tails with, as every time you land on ‘heads’ the unsightly features of Lou appear, but on this slot it is fine as it offers a number of smaller payouts. Hit three in a row and you’ll pocket 20 coins; however this is the only symbol which also pays out for just 1 or 2 as well. Two in a row pays 10 coins, while just one is worth 4 coins.


Design and Setup

The slot is certainly a lively looking one. Lou stands in his familiar pose to the top right of the reels set against a blue background, while just below he appears again in explaining the wild. The reels are somewhat smaller than you’ll usually find, although this is understandable with all of the information you’ll need on the screen. The title is perhaps the most impressive of the visuals, made of gold specks, engulfed in wads of dollars. The accompanying sound to each spin is slightly strange, sounding a little like a round of applause that grows in intensity, although it really could be anything.

The control panel is traditional looking, with large push buttons that you’ll click to activate the slot. The ‘bet one’ button will toggle the number of bets between 1 and 2, the ‘bet max’ button will automatically set the number of bets to 2 and spin the reels and the ‘same spin’ button will set the reels in motion with the same settings as the previous spin. There is also a pay table button, which will bring up a much clearer version of the pay table than the one featuring next to the reels. The coin value per bet ranges from just 1c, all the way through to $5. Of course, with just the one pay line, you’ll have no worries about choosing how many lines you’ll play at each spin.

Overall Experience

3 reel online slots are not quite as impressive when it comes to features as their 5 reel counterparts, but they can offer a quicker and more straightforward way of enjoying slot gaming, where you’ll be able to play many more spins in a given timeframe. Cash Grab is an entertaining 3 reel slot, where the payouts can be particularly large, Lou being central to the biggest wins, both as the highest paying symbol and the wild.

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