Bullseye Bucks Slot from Amaya


Bullseye Bucks is a fairground themed online slot. The action takes place at the shooting gallery, where you’ll find the metal targets acting as the symbols. This slot is certainly original, as the game doesn’t feature your usual reels, instead each of the five columns of targets will rotate in turn to reveal the symbols. These symbols include cotton candy, a hot dog, a toffee apple, a clown and a teddy bear, ensuring the full fairground experience. The highlights of the game are the three bonus rounds, while you’ll find an interesting use of the wild symbol too.


How to Win on Bullseye Bucks

The three key symbols at this slot are the cotton candy, the hot dog and the toffee apple, ensuring this is one fairground where you’ll certainly not go hungry. Each of these symbols wins you a payout for landing just one or more symbols from left to right, although the biggest prizes are obviously reserved for hitting 5 in a row. The cotton candy is worth 2,500 coins for 5, the hot dog 1,000 and the toffee apple 500 coins. The cotton candy also acts as the wild symbol, although unusually it will only replace either the hot dog or the toffee apple. The rest of the standard symbols require you to hit three in a row or more to land a win and these are made up by the clown, the bottles, teddy bear, a star and a sign stating ‘Miss’.

There are three bonus games when playing Bullseye Bucks

Pete’s Pay Day Bonus – To activate this feature you’ll need to land three of the blue targets showing green dollar signs on adjacent reels. Pete’s boss will now start counting out Pete’s pay packet and you’ll hope he is doing this for as long as possible, as the longer it goes on, the more money Pete is paid. You’ll receive double or treble the payout if 4 or 5 scatters were used to activate this bonus.

Prize Pick – To activate this feature you’ll need to land three of the pink targets showing a cuddly lion on adjacent reels. You’ll now enter a pick-em round where you’ll continue until you reveal the ‘Out of Stock’ prize. This bonus feature has a number of rounds, although if you do reveal the hidden ‘Jumbo’ prize with your first pick you’ll win the maximum 20x multiplier.

Duck Shoot – To activate this feature you’ll need to land three of the green targets showing a duck on adjacent reels. You’ll now click on the ducks as they move, each one revealing a multiplier of 1x, 2x or 5x. This bonus ends when you reveal ‘miss’, although like the previous round, if you reveal ‘sharpshooter’ with your first shot, you’ll win the maximum 20x multiplier.

Design and Setup

The first thing you’ll notice about this slot is the color, although being based around a fairground stall, this is certainly no surprise. You’ll find a rich array of bold reds, blues and greens on the reels, while the symbols are all designed in a cartoon styles, giving the slot a real vibrant look. The way the symbols flip into place certainly gives the game a very unique feel, perhaps adding a little more excitement at times, especially when you have lined up a series of symbols and waiting for the turn of the last reel. The accompanying sound is exactly what you would hear at a fairground, while each of the symbols flips into place with the sound you would hear when firing shots at a shooting gallery.

Bullseye Bucks is a five reel slot with a total of 9 win lines. However, by clicking the ‘Bet Nine’ button you can increase the stake to 18, 27, 36 or 45 credits per spin. The minimum stake for each of these credits is just 1c, ranging all the way up to $5. It has to be said that the options are somewhat limited at the game, the omission of an auto play feature perhaps the most glaring.

Overall Impression

Amaya has developed a slot here that will appeal to a wide range of players. The colorful, vibrant look of the slot will certainly grab your attention, while the three regularly activated bonus games keep the interest levels high. The game does have something of a childish air, which might put off some players a little, but the unique way in which the symbols are revealed will certainly grab your attention.

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