Arthur’s Quest Slot Game

Historical slots are all the rage and the days of Camelot when Arthur was the king of the Britons is certainly a subject that has been covered many times in online casinos.

This Amaya version is a very straightforward slot, featuring Arthur, Merlin and Guinevere as bonus symbols, while you’ll also find icons such as a lance, a golden goblet and a wizard’s hat on the reels.

The three bonus characters each activate their own bonus mini-games, while you’ll also find a wild which will substitute for only weapon symbols.

How to Win on Arthur’s Quest

The most valuable symbols are the three weapons – the sword, the lances and the daggers. Each of these will actually pay out when you land a symbol on just the first reel, but obviously the highest payouts come when landing five in a row. The lances pay 1,000 coins for the maximum five in a row, while the daggers pay 500 coins for the same. The sword is the best of the three however, as not only does it pay 2,500 coins for a full house of 5, but it will also substitute for either of the other two weapons too.

The other standard symbols are a flag, Camelot, the wizard’s hat, a white maned horse and the golden goblet, which could actually be the Holy Grail. You’ll need to land all of these symbols at least three times in a row to land a win.


Arthur’s Quest Bonus Features

To activate any of the three bonus features you’ll need to land the bonus symbols on three consecutive reels, acting slightly differently to your usual scatter.

King Arthur Bonus Round – This bonus round sees you pick from a selection of swords, which will reveal a multiplier of 1x, 2x or 5x. This round ends when you pick the ‘finish’ sword, but if you manage to pick this sword first up, you’ll win the maximum bonus multiplier.

Merlin Bonus Round – You’ll be presented with an open spell book which shows four different spells across the two pages. Select one and watch the multiplier count upwards.

Guinevere Bonus Round – You’ll be presented with an image of a pond where a magic frog will now feast on some dragonflies. The dragonfly will now reveal the total amount of credits won.

Design and Setup

In the modern world of slot gaming, there are some games out there with amazing 3D graphics, fantastic animation both on and off the reels and highly detailed symbols. Unfortunately none of these apply here. This is one of the most basically drawn slots you’ll come across, the symbols looking like the graphics you might find when playing a game in the very early days of consoles. King Arthur was supposedly a mighty warrior, but here he looks a little like a barbarian with a bad haircut after dying his hair brown. The bonus features offer more of the poor quality graphics. It would be nice to find something commendable to say about the design, but that isn’t possible at this slot.

Sadly the same can be said about the accompanying sound. While the majority of King Arthur themed slots might feature a movie like soundtrack, or the sound of a fanfare, here you have a few simple clicks and clunks.

Arthur’s Quest is a five reel slot, with just nine win lines. You’ll select both the coin value, which ranges from just 1c through to $5 and then also set the bet level of between 1 and 5, which will see a maximum stake of 45 credits for each spin (hitting the Bet Max button will automatically spin the reels while also setting the bet level to the maximum 5).

Overall Experience

Unfortunately this Amaya designed slot doesn’t really hit the spot. The gameplay is a little mundane, the bonus rounds are not very involving at all and the graphics are some of the poorest you’ll find at an online slot. The gameplay is somewhat quicker than what you’ll find at the majority of slots however, so this may appeal to some players, but in reality you’d have to build a time machine and travel back 20 years in time to find any players who might find this slot one of their most enjoyable.

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