Amazon Adventure Slot from Amaya

Amazon Adventure is something of a unique slot featuring a host of jungle animals, which include snakes, parrots, yellow colored ladybugs, frogs with large bulging eyes and a prowling tiger.

This slot is certainly an original one, as you’ll have two different ways of spinning the reels, one adding a random element to the way the symbols come to a stop.

The game also has an unusual layout, with a 4 by 4 square for the reels rather than the more common 5 by 3 setup. Bonus games are played out on the screen right in front of you, on maps just to the right of the reels.

How to Win on Amazon Adventure

Unlike other slots where you have to land consecutive symbols from left to right to pick up a win, here you’ll actually win when landing symbols in a row horizontally, vertically and even across the two diagonals. The snake is the top paying symbol, winning you 2,500 coins for hitting the maximum 4 in a row, while the tiger comes next on the pay table at 1,000 coins. The parrot, frog and the ladybug complete the jungle animals on the reels.

In a nod to the more traditional slots you might have played in the past, you’ll find red, yellow and green 7’s on the reels too, these paying out individually as well as when paired together. The final symbols are the playing card letters and numbers from 10 to Ace. All of the symbols pay out when landing 3 or 4 in a row, while the number 10 will also pay out if hitting just 1 or 2 as well.

The 7’s also act as the scatter symbols and if you can manage to hit 5 or more anywhere across the reels, you’ll win an immediate scatter payout. This rises from just 2 coins for hitting the minimum 5, all the way up to 2,500 coins if you can fill 12 or more of the 16 symbols with the number 7.

Amazon Adventure Slot Bonus Games

To the right of the reels you’ll find two mini maps that look something like a treasure hunt route. Every time you hit a bonus symbol on the reels, either bonus 1 or bonus 2, you’ll progress one stage further on the route. The final destination of the bonus 1 map is a waterfall, while the final destination of bonus 2 is a spewing volcano. When you finally reach either destination, you’ll find a nice bonus prize awaiting you.

Design and Setup

This slot is certainly very different to what you might expect when you first enter. It’s a little like travelling back in time a couple of decades to the early days of the internet. Graphics are so basic, looking a little like clipart images. However, for some this will hold a certain charm. The screen is certainly busy, with the pay table, the bonus features and the reels all in view at all times, and there is perhaps too much color. However, one advantage this slot holds over the majority of others is the fact that you’ll not need to go to a second screen to see the payouts or find out how the bonus round works. The accompanying sound to the slot consists of very basic clicks, clunks and the sound of the reels spinning – no frills here.

You’ll actually choose the coin value before you even see the slot, which is another unusual aspect to this game. There are 10 pay lines in total – four horizontal lines, four vertical lines and the two diagonals. You’ll control the action using three old slot machine style buttons, with the bet max button increasing your stake to the maximum 5 bets per line.

In the bottom right hand of the screen you’ll see two spin type options. The first is the ‘reel’ one, where you’ll see the reels spin in the usual way. However, you’ll also see a ‘random’ option. This sees any random symbol coming to a stop first, each stopping individually and in no particular order. For me this is certainly the option to go with, as it adds a quirky new element to the slot.


Overall Experience

Whether you enjoy this slot or not will depend on what you are looking for. For someone bought up on a rich diet of impressive graphics, varied features and big payouts, then this might not be for you. However, for a unique, slightly old fashioned slot, this might well fit the bill. The gameplay is fast, there are some nice payouts available and with two bonus rounds and a more interesting than usual scatter symbol to look out for, there is enough to keep you entertained in the short term.

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