pirate plunder

Pirate Plunder Slot Game

Shortly after the first merchant cast his lines from the dock, the first pirates took off in pursuit of plunder and booty. Largely thanks to the efforts of Hollywood, most of us think about the Golden Age of Piracy when we conjure up mental images of swashbuckling pirates. While piracy is older than antiquity…

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t casino

The Great Casini Slot from Amaya

This 5 reel online slot from Amaya tries to bring a little bit of magic to the reels. It does this with a unique bonus game (the only second screen bonus that I know of which involves knife throwing!), a free spins round and two types of scatter wins too. While overall this is…

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t job

The Italian Job Slot from Amaya

You can’t miss the references to the 1969 movie of the same name in this Amaya online slot. The only thing it really misses is Michael Caine’s voice-over saying ‘you were only supposed to blow the beedin’ doors off!’. My first impression of this slot was that it would be lively, almost to the point…

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t charmer

The Snake Charmer Slot Game

This colorful and somewhat quirky 5 reel video slot was created by NextGen and is available under license at Amaya casinos. It has a distinctly Indian feel, with some cartoon-like hypnotized snakes the main focus of the game. You’ll see the Taj Mahal in the background and 5 clay pots – one underneath…

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t zombies

The Zombies Slot from Amaya

This colourful 50 live video slot takes a unique angle in covering the zombie theme. The central characters are a family of 4 which look just like a regular family – other than their green skin. There are 3D avatars in front of the reels, a very lively dance party free spins game and a…

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t zeus

Thundering Zeus Slot from Amaya

There seems to be a reoccurring theme among slots featuring Zeus (other than the Greek symbols and thunder that is). This is that these are simple slots where the main feature is the chance of an outsized win now and again. Thundering Zeus from Amaya is no exception. It has an on-reel mini free…

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