Sun Chief by Ainsworth

If there’s one thing that’s true about slot games, it’s that they all follow a basic outline that makes them successful. Because of this, it’s always a relief to play a free slot game where you can find new features that you aren’t familiar with. Whether it’s a completely different format than you’re used to or a completely unique bonus game, there’s nothing quite like trying something new.

The Sun Chief slot game from Ainsworth is a good example of a slot game that breaks the mold. Instead of having a simple layout where there are equal amounts of rows on every reel, the first two reels are smaller than the others. Not only that, the free spins feature has a cool twist that can net you some big prizes. Jump into nature, enjoy the sun, and hope the Sun Chief blesses you with a big prize.


Sun Chief logo

Getting Started

While the Sun Chief casino game looks similar to other slot games from Ainsworth as far as the buttons and overall interface go, there is one big difference: the reels. Instead of being a 5×3 or 5×4 slot game, Sun Chief has 3 rows on the first 2 reels and 4 rows on the last 3 reels. This makes for a total of 18 symbols and also helps make the paylines a bit different from traditional slot game paylines.

Here is what you need to know about Sun Chief:

  1. You can change your bet and the number of active paylines in the settings
  2. Your bet can be anywhere from €0.01 to €100.00
  3. The number of active paylines can be anywhere between 1 and 30
  4. You can read about the rules and features of the game in the settings menu

Features & Overview

Like other Ainsworth slot games, the Sun Chief slot machine has a solid look to it but doesn’t focus too heavily on graphics. The game looks nice but there are no complex animations or really stunning graphics. In fact, a good chunk of the game’s background is used up by a large, blurry stone wall. Of course this isn’t a make or break factor, but you may not love it.

The different layout is what really makes this game special. There are a lot of slot games that sort of feel the same, so having one that’s a bit different is always a breath of fresh air. This is exactly what you get with the Sun Chief slot game from Ainsworth.

Bonus Rounds

Unlike many modern slot games, there is only one bonus feature in Sun Chief: the free games feature.

The free games feature is triggered by landing 3 or more Sun Stone symbols anywhere in a single spin. When you do this, you will get 8 free spins with special symbols that provide multipliers. Here are some details about this bonus feature:

  1. The shield is wild during free games and can have multipliers
  2. The Sun Chief is wild for everything but shields during free games and appears on reels 4 and 5
  3. The sun stone only appears on the first 2 reels and provides 5 additional free games when you land 2 of them
  4. When the shield shows up on the reels, it will stay in that spot for the next 4 games with a climbing multiplier; first it will be 2x, then 3x, 4x and 5x
  5. At 5x, the shield will remain in that spot for all remaining free games

The Final Verdict

As much fun as it is to win big on a spin in slots, there are a lot of games that can feel a bit unoriginal. That being the case, a game like Sun Chief is definitely a nice change of pace. However, even if you’re not looking for a completely different slot game, you’ll still enjoy the solid production and nice features of Sun Chief, so it’s definitely worth a bit of your time.

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