Sugar N’ Spice Hummin’ Slots Machine

Ainsworth’s Sugar N’ Spice Hummin’ is a beautifully-illustrated slot machine game with a tropical theme. Lush colors and familiar favorite symbols meet across five reels, with the star of the show – a beautiful blue and green hummingbird – serving as the lucky wild symbol. The game is an especially pretty one, drawing on imagery of rainforest creatures with a dash of glamorous gold accents.

A fun change-up if you’d like something a little different than the usual slot machine game fare, Sugar N’ Spice Hummin’ has an extremely unique bonus game that every slot machine fan should try. Want to know more about it? Read on to discover the mysteries of the Volcano…


How to Lure a Lucky Hummingbird

Spread across five reels, this game features tropical plants and animals: in order of payout amounts, you’ll get the most pay from spotting 3-5 wild hummingbirds on a pay line, followed by volcanoes (more on those later), lynxes, tropical birds, toucans, green tree frogs, green lizards. You’ll also find familiar card face symbols, which all pay the same lowest-tier multiplier rate – A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9. Bets per pull can be adjusted to between .01 and 100, and the player can choose to play between 1 and 30 pay lines.

One Volcano You’ll Be Glad to See

In addition to being one of the highest paid symbols in the game, the appearance of three or more volcanoes scattered across the reels will trigger the bonus round. While suspenseful, it’s a lot of fun! Once the volcano bonus has been triggered, the game will spin two special reels to determine the game. The first reel will determine how many reels become “flower” reels, which turn into solid flower symbols that bloom and reveal the same random symbol everywhere they appear for each free spin. The second special reel determines how many free spins the player receives for the bonus. Each payout is at the rate the game was set to when the bonus hits, so be sure to play high!

If the first special reel determines that two reels will be “flower” reels that resemble huge pink-purple tropical blooms. For example, each free spin will include two solid flower reels, placed randomly. Once the reels stop spinning, the flowers will bloom and reveal the secret symbol – which can be any from the game, except for the hummingbird or volcano – and lucky players will be able to see if those symbols form a win with any of the “non flower” reels beside them. There’s a lot of suspense in waiting for the flowers to bloom, making this bonus game particularly exciting!

Take a Trip to the Jungle

While the illustrations in this game are lovely to look at, this hummingbird-themed slot machine game isn’t just pretty, it’s got a lot of entertainment value as well. Keep spinning to discover volcanoes and you’ll discover just how fun the unique slot machine bonus game really is. Once you cheer for your flower reels, you may never want to go back to “plain old” slot machine styles again! Every time the “Wild” hummingbird comes to life and connects your lucky symbols across the reels, you’ll feel an exhilaration that’s all sugar, spice, and everything nice. So if you’re looking to find a lucky slot machine game that’s fun to play, look no further than Ainsworth’s Sugar N’ Spice Hummin’ slots – it’s a tropical wonderland that’s enticing to win!

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