Prosperity Dragon Slot Game Review

Dragons are a strong symbol in Chinese culture. They are a symbol of power, particularly the ability to control forces of nature. But that’s not the only thing dragons symbolize—they’re also a symbol of good luck. Perhaps this is why dragons have been used as a theme in so many slot games over the years.

The Prosperity Dragon casino game from Ainsworth is a good example of this. This game has strong Chinese influences all throughout, from the dragon theme to the rich red background and the range of Chinese symbols. If you want to feel like you’re taking a trip to ancient China without spending the time or money to build a time machine, Prosperity Dragon casino game may be the ticket. Interested in learning more? Keep reading to get all the details.


Prosperity Dragon logo

Getting Started

Prosperity Dragon is a standard 5×3 slot game that uses mostly standard symbols. Playing card symbols represent the lower end of the paytable while symbols inspired by Chinese culture make up the rest of it. There are no bonus reels or jackpots around the set of 5 reels, so the interface is very clean and easy to navigate.

There are, however, a few things you should know before you get started:

  • There are 100 active paylines in the Prosperity Dragon slot machine by default
  • To change your bet amount and the number of active paylines, you will need to open up the settings menu
  • There is an auto play feature that allows you to automatically play until you’ve won or lost a certain amount or played a certain number of spins

Features & Overview

Like most of the online slot games today, there are a lot of positives about the Prosperity Dragon casino game. The graphics look nice even though they aren’t particularly extravagant, and the typical Ainsworth sound effects will be a familiar sound to anybody who’s played their slot games before.

As far as gameplay goes, Prosperity Dragon is a fun slot game. It offers decent payouts for regular payline matches in addition to a few different bonus features which help break up your spins. The adjustable paylines mean you can really simplify the game, too.

Bonus Rounds

One area where Prosperity Dragon really shines is its bonus features. There are three different bonus features in the Prosperity Dragon slot game.

The free games feature occurs when you land 3 or more scattered Pattern symbols on the reels. During these free games, a special set of reels is used, making it an even better break from the monotony of regular spins.

If you land 3 Silver Star symbols during these free games, the Super Choice feature will be activated. You will get to choose one of 3 features:

  • 10 free games with more symbol substitutions
  • 8 free games with fewer substitutions
  • 5 free games with even fewer substitutions

Landing 3 Gold Star symbols during the free games will give you the Ultimate Choice pick. Your 3 choices are basically the same:

  • 8 free games with more symbol substitutions
  • 6 free games with fewer symbol substitutions
  • 4 free games with even fewer symbol substitutions

During these free games, all wins that involve a Gold or Silver star symbol will multiply your win. Silver Star wins pay a x2 multiplier when the Super Choice feature is active and Gold Star wins pay a x3 multiplier when the Ultimate Choice feature is active.

The Final Verdict

You won’t find a ton of fancy features in Prosperity Dragon, but Ainsworth definitely made some unique choices with the free spin bonus features. Beyond that, Prosperity Dragon is a well-designed slot game that will feel familiar to fans of other Ainsworth slot games, and it’s extremely easy to jump right into. Whether you’re a fan of the Chinese theme or you’re just looking for a good slot game to play, Prosperity Dragon is definitely worth your time.

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