Light ‘Em Up Slot Game by Ainsworth

Just about every slot game in the world is cool, but sometimes you want more than that. Sometimes you want a slot game with a little bit of fire to it. When this is what you’re after, you need a slot game with a theme that isn’t your typical ancient Egyptian pyramids or Chinese dragons.

If you’re looking for a slot game with a unique theme, look no further than Light ‘Em Up by Ainsworth. This slot game has a sort of tribal feel to it that’s largely based around fire, from the fiery woman who adorns the background and represents the wild symbol to the bevy of fire-related symbols on the reels. If you’re after something unique, step right up and spin the reels with the Light ‘Em Up slot game.


Getting Started

Light ‘Em Up is a typical 5×3 slot game from Ainsworth. You have your spin and auto spin buttons at the bottom right and your settings and volume controls at the bottom left. Unlike other Ainsworth slot games, you can’t change your bet amount using +/- buttons at the bottom of the screen. Instead, you will need to open up your settings menu. Here are some other things to know about Light ‘Em Up:

  • You can change the amount of active paylines to any number between 1 and 30
  • The minimum bet is €0.01 and the maximum bet is €100.00
  • You can automatically spin until you’ve won or lost a certain amount or played a set number of games

Features & Overview

From the graphics and gameplay right on up to the overall layout of the Light ‘Em Up casino game, this is obviously an Ainsworth slot. The graphics are nice but they clearly aren’t the focal point of the game, and that’s even more so the case when it comes to the sounds. This isn’t a bad thing if you don’t play slot games for the aesthetic elements, but some people may take issue with it.

This is a really basic slot game from top to bottom, a formula which Ainsworth does well with. You won’t find tons of bonus features and different ways to win, but it makes for a nice relaxed slot game that’s easy to play.

Bonus Rounds

There is only one bonus feature in the Light ‘Em Up slot machine and it’s a simple one.

The free games feature is triggered when 3 or more Light ‘Em Up symbols in any spot on the reels. During these free games, the reels are a bit different. Here’s how it works:

  • The 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels have bonus reels on top of them
  • These reels have Lady 1x, Lady 2x, Lady 3x, Expansion Lady 1x, Expansion Lady 2x and Expansion Lady 3x symbols
  • When the Lady multiplier symbols land on the bonus reels, the Lady symbols on the corresponding reels will change to that Lady multiplier symbol to multiply your wins
  • When the Expansion Lady multiplier symbol lands on the bonus reels, everything on those reels are turned into Lady 1x, 2x or 3x symbols except for the Light ‘Em Up symbol
  • The Light ‘Em Up symbol will turn into the Light ‘Em Up Wild which substitutes for 2x and 3x symbols
  • Two multipliers can combine on a single win to provide you with an even bigger prize


The Final Verdict

On the surface, Light ‘Em Up appears to be a very simple game. However, as soon as you trigger the free games feature you’ll notice there’s a bit more to it than that. Between the solid design of this game and the rewarding addition of the bonus reels during the free games feature, you’ll find plenty of excitement and entertainment. And if you’re lucky, you might even win some big prizes.

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