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Lush and mystical China is the theme of Jade Tiger, an exciting slot game featuring 5 reels and 30 total available pay lines. Golden flutes, detailed Ming vases, and graceful Chinese Koi fish complement the highest numbers and face cards of the deck in an array of exquisitely detailed, full colored symbols. Look for the fierce Jade Tiger – this jungle cat scatter icon can produce a payout of the game’s top jackpot, a whopping 150,000 coins paid out for those who place the maximum bet of 3,000 coins.


To Start Gameplay

Choose the lines you wish to bet, along with your wager per line. Novice players may not have to wait long to see an exciting payout – the top line bet will multiply the wagers by 2000 if five Koi or 5 Flute symbols appear on the line.

  • First, place your bet. Select the cogwheel icon at the bottom left.
  • When the wager screen appears, select the number of lines you wish to bet, along with the amount you wish to bet per line
  • Close the wager screen using the red “X”
  • Spin your reels with the circle arrow button on the bottom right – the arrows will disappear and a large red square will appear
  • If you’d like to stop the reels early, simply click the red square

For a chance to win the largest jackpot, players will need to bet the maximum amount – every line, and an overall stake of 3000 coins. You may also choose to play fewer lines; it is possible to play with 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30.

The graphics of the game are clear and crisp, featuring symbols reminiscent of the ancient Chinese Empire. A rich, lush background of deep jade green surrounds the reels, which spin at the perfect pace, evenly and just speedy enough to give you a little sense of anticipation to see which symbols will appear.

The game’s largest bonus symbol, the Jade Tiger, is very detailed, from the vividly colored stripes to the delicate fur around his face. Large eyes seem to penetrate you if you’re lucky enough to score a Tiger on your reels. He acts as a trump, replacing other symbols as a wild card, and increasing your chances of winning. The tiger is also the games “scatter feature” – powering ten free spins.

Other symbols include the Ritual Jade symbols. The most important is the bi – a circular disk with a small hole in the middle. The carp Koi is revered for its relation to prosperity, success, and courage. The finely sculpted Golden Turtle statue indicates longevity and patience – if you score this one, your patience must be great indeed! The gourd flute is called a hulusi and produces the haunting melodies that play in the background of the Jade Tiger game.

The Bonus Rounds

The bonus rounds of Jade Tiger are where the real excitement is at. The scatter symbol has the power to trigger the game’s main bonus feature, ten free spins on a different set of reels. The new reels have a different appearance than the standard ones:

  • New symbols appear – a stacked Jade Tiger and a “Lucky Boy”
  • Lucky Boy appears on the first and fifth reel of the game
  • If you achieve two Lucky Boy symbols, the Lucky Feature will appear
  • The Lucky Feature is free spins – almost a re-do of your last spins

The first and fifth reels are locked in with wild tigers covering each reel position on either side of the game screen. The middle three reels spin, giving players just three chances to find matching icons on the payline, as the “wild card” tigers will help complete a five-in-a-row.


Jade Tiger isn’t the only Asian-themed video slots game on the market, but the crisp graphics, proper speed of the reel spins, and the multiple chances for a payout, bonus spin, or other game excitement set Jade Tiger apart from the rest of the pack. Haunting flute music and spiritual symbols immerse players in the magic of ancient China.

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