Mobile casino gambling on smartphones and other handheld Web-capable gadgets is already big business in some parts of the world.

Across Asia and parts of Northern Europe, places where mobile technology is most advanced, slot machines and other games of chance built for a mobile platform are a dime a dozen.

In markets where mobile tech is just beginning to blossom, such as the US and Canada, apps and sites built for gambling on the iPhone and iPad are few and far between.

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Factors that Make iPhone / iPad Slots Difficult

Two big factors are standing in the way of the spread of gambling on iPhones and iPads in the Western world. First, the smaller screen size of the iPhone (compared to laptops or desktop computers) makes translating blackjack or video poker to a format that can be played on Apple’s popular smartphone a difficult task for game designers. The second major barrier is Apple’s corporate policy on gambling; in the US and other Western markets, Apple is still holding fast to the notion that no real-money gambling apps will be released for their gadgets.

For now, real-money slot machine gambling for iPhones and iPads is available, even in the difficult American market. Browser-based slots are the loophole used by casinos that want to do business with people in markets where Apple prevents app-based play. These games are built into websites, much like instant-play games available at online casinos.

Mobile Slots: iPad vs. iPhone

Apple’s iPad tablet is akin to a mash-up of a laptop, multimedia player, and digital still and video camera. The iPad is a portable Internet browser and entertainment library in a single device. With iPad sales beginning to fall in line with iPhone sales, improvements to the device in terms of audio, video, and graphics functions are to be expected.

The better the iPad’s display and processor is, the better of an online casino portal it becomes. The biggest advantage the iPad has over the iPhone: no tiny screen and touch keyboard. iPad gamblers have a bigger playing area that can be navigated with ease, and is still more portable than a traditional laptop.

Because of some limitations of the iPad (the biggest one is the device’s lack of Flash compatibility) it can’t yet be called a perfect way to access online slots. That means that an Internet casino hoping to attract business from iPad users have to offer an entirely different set of software, on top of the download and instant-play games they already offer. Since fewer people own iPads than laptops, the limited number of slot games available to Apple device users is easy to understand. The market isn’t big enough yet.

The iPhone is more portable, but even if a gambler chooses browser-based slots, Apple’s smartphone is not well-equipped to display them. Placing a slot title in a Web browser does not address the limitations of the iPhone’s smaller display. That means Apple’s tablet is better-suited to mobile casino gambling, by virtue of its larger screen and better picture quality.

The iPad’s touch screen interface is more customizable than even the latest iPhone release, and don’t forget the iPad has better processor speeds than any smartphone, Apple-designed or not. Literally millions of people around the world use their iPad every day – it’s only natural that some of them are fans of slot machine play. With a rich display and faster processor, choosing the iPad to do your mobile gambling makes sense, if you own both an iPhone and an iPad.
For now, slot gamblers who own an iPhone and want to use it to play their favorite game of chance are at a disadvantage. No real cash gambling apps are available to most iPhone customers, thanks to Apple’s policy against such apps. The biggest benefit to playing mobile slots on your iPhone instead of an iPad is the increased portability of Apple’s smartphone – it’s smaller, easier to take with you, and easier to play discreetly.

Slot Software for iPhones & iPads

The number of iPad and iPhone users is on the rise, and since Internet casino operators and game designers are always looking for a new market to break into, people who own Apple’s popular tablet or smartphone should have more choices in the coming months and years.

As of this writing, Apple reports that more than 100 million iPads have been sold. That number represents a huge audience of mostly tech-savvy tablet owners holding a device that is close to the ideal mobile slot platform. But since the iPad runs on HTML5 (instead of more-common Flash animation platform), and since no online casinos used HTML5 as of the iPad’s release, software needed to catch up to hardware. Flash is the reason why most Mac users can join real money casinos, so long as they offer instant-play slots and other games. Because the iPad isn’t compatible with Flash, instant-play slots are not the solution.

As demand increases, iPad owners should see more slot software developed specifically for their device. Already some online gambling venues are hosting iPhone and iPad-capable versions of some of their games, but the increased cost involved in developing a specific suite of titles (aimed at owners of a single device) is still limiting the choices gamblers have. Good news for slot gamblers, since the one-armed bandit is the most profitable of all casino bets, the few mobile gambling sites that are compatible with Apple devices have a larger selection of slot games than any other category.