Reviewing the Best Mobile Slot Apps

The first real money casino website opened its doors in 1996. Web-based casino games have evolved plenty in the years since, from crude imitations of table games and land-based slots to today’s unique interfaces that offer 3D effects, personalized avatars, and even some games run by live dealers via webcam.

Mobile gambling was an obvious part of that evolution process; as smartphones and tablets grew more popular so demand for on-the-go casino play increased. Since slot machines are such a big part of both traditional and Internet casino play, it’s logical for mobile gambling platforms to offer a variety of slot titles.

Slots were among the first games of chance ported to mobile-compatible apps and websites offering real money betting. The reason is two-fold. First, the way gamblers interact with the games (and have for a hundred years) lends itself to an on-screen format. Playing a slot game on your mobile device isn’t all that different physically from playing a similar game in a casino. The second reason is basic logistics – slot gambling is a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Developers dipping their toes into mobile game design started with the most popular games of chance to meet demand.

Mobile Game Software

All mobile betting is rooted in the Internet casino business. The first apps designed for mobile play were offered by Web-based betting sites and game designers that already had experience producing and hosting real money slot games. It makes sense, then, that mobile slot software is very similar to the titles already established at online casinos.
As of this writing, the quality and variety of software a player has access to depends heavily on what device they use. Android and Windows devices give players access to the widest selection of mobile slots. On the other end of the spectrum are gadgets made by Apple – iPhone and iPad owners are limited by Apple’s decision to ban any apps that allow their customers access to actual cash gambling. That doesn’t mean iPhone and iPad owners can’t play mobile slots – it just means that they have to choose platforms designed for instant play, built into a Web browser.

The ideal software and platform for any individual player depends on what they look for in slot machines. If a gambler prizes variety above all else, he should be using either an Android or Windows-powered gadget. If instant play is satisfactory, there are advantages to using an Apple mobile device. Generally speaking, picture quality and customization options are better on the iPad or the newer models of iPhone, but remember that you’ll probably be limited to instant games only, which are themselves limited by bandwidth and your device’s capabilities.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Mobile Slot Play

An obvious advantage of slot play on a smartphone or tablet is the ability to play anywhere. The mobile casino business has embraced slots with a ferocity that they’re yet to embrace any other casino game with. Variety, portability, and ease of access, taken together, are a big checkmark in favor of mobile slot gambling.

Parts of the world that haven’t fully caught on to this type of betting are the same as those parts of the world where smartphone and tablet technology are lagging behind. In most of Asia, mobile play for real money is nothing new – thanks to better gadget tech, that part of the world has plenty of experience in this style of gambling. In the US and Canada, on the other hand, accessing casino games with your iPhone or Windows Phone is not all that popular, mostly because of limits on mobile capability. Having said that, slots on mobile platforms are readily available in the US. These platforms even feature enough variety to please gamblers used to hundreds of different titles available at Web-based casinos.

As for disadvantages, that depends mostly on where in the world you live. An obvious mark against mobile play (worldwide) is the smaller display size available from tablets and smartphones. A cluttered screen and a display that’s lower in quality than what you’d find at most Internet casinos is a fact of life for the mobile slots fan. The good news is, this is likely to change rapidly. As mobile tech improves, and smartphones and other gadgets become more versatile, and as more mobile casinos open to wider audiences, slot fans should expect the quality of these games to slowly but surely match their device’s capabilities.

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