No matter what size your bankroll, casinos (both online and land-based) want your business. While it’s true that some casino properties make or break their monthly profits based on the business of their high roller clients, the existence of penny slots and other low limit games is proof that betting venues are looking to entice bettors to play at their tables regardless of their budget.

One of the benefits of playing slots online as opposed to in a traditional casino is the ease with which you can find low limit machines. Another benefit is the greater variety that is available to players looking for low bet minimums and maximums. Yes, even Internet casinos offer high limit slots for big money gamblers, but a good deal of them also host a greater variety of penny slots for those players who  may proudly consider themselves low rollers. Online slots at Internet casinos often have a greater variety of penny slots and one-cent betting denomination games simply because these sites don’t have to pay for the floor space or the maintenance required by physical slot machines at traditional casinos.

Top Low Limit Slots

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Why Play Low Limit Slots?

One trend in contemporary slot design has games offering larger and larger bet maximums in exchange for bigger jackpots and even prizes like shopping sprees and luxury goods. But not all gamblers are interested in placing the kind of per-spin wager required to earn a chance at these prizes. Why do some gamblers seek out slots that allow for wagers in the range of a few cents per spin?

The number one benefit to playing penny slots and games with low limits is that a slot player’s bankroll can be extended, meaning they can get more entertainment value out of the cash they have set aside for slot play. Sticking to slots with bet limits allowing four or five cents per spin means even a budget of just $20 or $30 can be turned into hours of entertainment. Since many online casinos still reward gamblers some sort of bonus, even when they stick to low limit titles and spend just a few cents per spin, a player who makes a $30 deposit and earns a 100% match bonus of $30 now has $60 in their account – which is 6,000 coins if that player sticks to penny denomination games.

Classic Low Limit Slots

It seems counter-intuitive that traditional three reel slots are the least likely to offer the lowest bet limits. Depending on the casino you do your online slot play with, you’ll find that classic games with just a few reels and a single pay line have between a ten cent and twenty-five cent minimum bet; few are penny slots. For example, any of Microgaming casino’s classic slot games have a minimum bet size of a quarter, Cryptologic casino classic games require at least a dime per spin, and Playtech-powered classic slots require at least a nickel investment each time you pull the lever.
Slot fans hunting for low limit games should become comfortable with more complex slot games, since the majority of classic-style titles aren’t available in low limit bet sizes.

Video Slots with Low Limits

A better place to look for low roller slot games is in the video slot category. Five reel video slots at various online casinos allow bet sizes of as little as one cent. Of course, the catch is that on most of these video slot games, the player is encouraged (through max payouts only available at certain bet sizes) to wager multiple coins per line across multiple lines. This feature turns what would be a penny video slot into a game that suddenly cost several dollars per spin.
What’s a low limit slot fan to do? Even though it won’t make them eligible for the largest prizes, penny slot gamblers interested in stretching their budget need to stay away from laying max bets. Laying one coin per line and wagering on as few lines as possible is the only way to keep the cost per pull as low as it can go.

Tips for Low Limit Players

Players with a small budget should look into the details of any sign up bonuses offered to swell their gambling bankroll as big as it can go before they begin playing. This means doing a bit more research, since not all casinos will reward small deposits or low limit play with match bonuses or the other kinds of promotions that can extend your low roller bankroll. If you find you need to deposit an extra $10 or $20 to become eligible for a casino bonus, it might make more sense to wait until you can afford that deposit rather than hand the casino smaller amounts that don’t earn anything extra.

Another simple tip for low limit slot fans – avoid progressive games. Progressive jackpot slots are good wagers for gamblers who can afford the max bets required to become eligible for the highest prizes, but slot fans who are looking for low limits won’t win those progressive jackpots since their wagers don’t make them eligible, and the smaller payback percentage offered by these machines makes placing small wagers on them a losing proposition.

Even penny slots are fun to play, and if your intention is to turn your small gambling budget into hours of entertainment, gravitate to low limit games. Online casino play is more varied than what you might find in your nearby tribal property, especially if low limit slots are your focus.