Movie themed slots are among the most popular gaming machines in most casinos around the world. In the online and mobile gambling industry, such games are just as popular. Top slots manufacturers like IGT, Bally Technologies, Microgaming, and Playtech have a variety of online licensed slots based on films.

Most of the major online and mobile slots developers have their licensed slots based on movies. People might think design companies only convert the latest blockbuster films with the most explosions and CGI graphics. Plenty of superhero movies and action thrillers are licensed for casino gaming, but many of the best and most popular movie themed slots are based on classic films from decades ago.

Best Slots Based on Films

In this article, I’ll provide a guide to the many movie themed slots available to gamblers in the Internet and brick-and-mortar gaming business. I’ll discuss the companies most famous for marketing such slots, while providing a list of the best and most popular each of the manufacturers offer.

I include reviews some of the most popular games inspired by Hollywood films at the moment, but the full list is humongous. After giving a quick rundown of the hottest slots titles right now, I’ll provide a scattershot of the wider industry and provide lists of movie themed online slots. The complete list includes dozens of potential online and mobile slots to research. Hopefully, your favorite movie has been turned into a playable slot machine.

Jurassic Park Slots – Jurassic Park Slots from Microgaming is a popular movie-themed slot machines. This game not only features soundbites and clips from Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster, but it also has 5 wild symbols, 6x multipliers, and a T-Rex Bonus Game. IGT released its own version of Jurassic Park slots at G2E in 2013. That game had several innovations, including the Fence Bonus, a Free Spins Bonus, and the ability to save free spins for play on other IGT slots.

Back To the Future Slots – Back To the Future Slots is an IGT game based on the 1985 time travel film starring Michael J. Fox and Jonathan Lloyd. Back To the Future is about an Eighties teenager who takes a trip back to 1955 in time machine, but unintentionally changes history and must fix it.

Back To the Future is the rare movie which creates nostalgia for two generations: people who grew up in the Fifties and people who came of age in the Eighties. The bonus round is IGT’s famous spinning wheel game. Players are allowed to play in the Marty Mode or the Biff Mode, so this slot has a lot of replay value. This is a penny slot with a standalone jackpot. Its minimum bet is 75-cents and the max bet is $3.

Bridesmaids Slots – Bridesmaids Slots is the licensed version of the 2011 comedy film starring Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and Melissa McCarthy. The Judd Apatow film made $288 million worldwide and boosted the careers of a variety of actors and actresses. The Bridesmaids Slot Machine is a 5-reel, 30-payline slots game with wild symbols, bonus multipliers, and several bonus games. The best of these games is the interactive engagement party bonus round.

Austin Powers Slots – WMS Gaming released the Austen Powers slot machine in 2014. It is a one-cent slot machine with a wide-area progressive jackpot, making it a good bet for the penny players, if you can afford to bet the maximum paylines ($3.50). The clips in Austen Powers slots include the best moments from the series of films which pitted the time-torn Sixties British superspy, Austen Powers, against his arch-enemy, Dr. Evil. Clips are triggered when Austen Powers icons line up.

Ghostbusters Slots – Ghostbusters Slots is one of several IGT games with a 5-tier progressive jackpot system. The smallest of these accumulated jackpots is perhaps $10 to $20, while the best payouts tend to be around $100,000. The Paranormal Pick, Cash Award, and Stay Puft Bonuses are the main features in the game. It should be mentioned Ghostbusters Slots is based on the 1980s-film starring Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd and not the 2016 film starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Chris Hemsworth.

Footloose Slots – The Footloose Slot Machine is based on the 1984 movie starring Kevin Bacon as Ren, the new kid who brings dancing to a small-town subject which doesn’t allow dancing (due to religious reasons). The film, which also starred Lori Singer as Ariel, was based loosely on events in Elmore City, Oklahoma. Like Ghostbusters, Footloose Slots has multiple progressive jackpots.

Indiana Jones Slots – Indiana Jones is a series of slot machines from International Game Technology: Raiders of the Ark, The Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade. The 5-reel game offers 243 ways to win, so it does away with the payline concept. Unlike many licensed slots from IGT, it has a massive progressive jackpot which has been known to grow above $3 million.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s Slots – Breakfast At Tiffany’s was a 1961 movie based on a 1958 novella by Truman Capote, though the two stories are much different. The film starred Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly and George Peppard as Paul Varjak. The slot machine includes a 5-tier progressive jackpot system, which is the chief attraction for most players.

List of Movie Themed Slots

The full list of movie themed slots is hard to complete. A limited list includes Braveheart, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Forrest Gump, Pink Panther, The Three Stooges, Kong, King Kong, Rocky, and Gladiator. Several companies have made Lord of the Rings slot machines.

Some Hollywood actors and entertainers have been so big, they’ve received their own slot machines. James Dean, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley each have their own slot machine. Elvis the King Lives Slot Machine is a popular choice. Though Elvis is more famous for being a rock-&-roll singer, he was in 31 movies, including several popular ones: Love Me Tender, Blue Hawaii, Jailhouse Rock, Kid Galahad, G.I. Blues, Girls! Girls! Girls!, and Viva Las Vegas. For that matter, Michael Jackson was in 22 productions as an actor, including The Wiz, Moonwalker, and Men in Black II.

Musical Themed Slot Machines

Many musicians and musical acts have starred in their own films, whether they were commercial successes or not. KISS, Grease, Megadeth, and Dolly (Parton) each have their own slot machines. Ghost Rider. Even Judge Dredd and Hellboy have their own slots.

Grease was a Broadway musical before it was a movie, but Grease was one of the Top 10 grossing films of the 1970s. Dolly Parton was in a string of successful films in her day, including 9-to-5, Rhinestone, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, and Steel Magnolias.

Slot Machines Based on Comic Book Movies

The list of Marvel Comics movie slots includes Iron Man, Iron Man II, Iron Man III, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, and X-Men. Punisher: War Zone and Ghost Rider Slots are available, so don’t forget to give those games a try. Street level heroes like Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Elektra all have their own slots titles.

Over the years, Playtech and Cryptologic each produced Marvel Comics Universe slot machines, though not all of these were tied to the movie franchises. The Cryptologic slots were bought by Amaya Gaming, which sold their rights to NYX Gaming in June 2016. Since then, Cryptologic slots for DC Comics and Marvel Comics are under the auspices of NYX’s slot machine design house, NextGen Gaming.

Several DC Comics slot machines exist, too. While these are not based on the movie franchises involving the DC Comics characters, some players would associate those franchises with the movies. Slot machines for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern exist. Also, the Dark Knight Rises is based on the Batman movie pitting the Caped Crusader versus Bane.